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Children activities in beautiful environment

The image shows children activities in beautiful environment

To save penguins we must plant trees

When we cuting trees penguins and many animals die. And many birds lost their house’s. Penguins and every animals like to live a good area.

The Future of our Planet is in our Own Hands!

My drawing is meant to convey message to people to stop global warming and save the climate. If the world joins in this act, we can save the ocean’s coral reefs, avoid Earth from heating up etc. Make the Earth cool again 🙂

Safe their smiles by stopping global warming

The global warming is a dangerous word we hearing today. It happens due to our bad life styles and penguins are paying the prize. Since we and the other living beings are born in the same way. They have the right to live in this world. Diversity of living beings is essential in an environment…  Read More

Save Trees Save Planet

When there are many trees all aquatic and land species will survive and glaciers will not melt. Trees make a perfect world to live.

Save it before we loose it!

In my drawing I want to convince people to save the Earth and the greenery. I love trees because they give us fruits and I love when the trees sway with the wind.

Save Trees…Save Earth

Plant a memory…plant a tree…do it TODAY…for our next generation TOMORROW.

‘My burning planet and demolishing wildlife’

Our planet is burning just because no one cares if forests are destroyed or trees are cut down. We as the next generation want a future. We demand immediate action to combat climate change and save our natural regions, more importantly trees!


If you want to breathe, SAVE the trees, so that the next generation can get oxygen for free. Have you realized, HEART and EARTH are spelled with the same letters? Take care of both, before it is too late.

I can help Earth…

My Earth Day poster talks about how to Save The Earth… If we help Earth today, we will have a beautiful and safe environment to live in Future. We can help Earth by becoming more aware and not using the things which spoil the environment.

Save our Lives…

My poster talks about importance of saving trees. If you treat a tree good, they will treat you good. They will give you more oxygen, paper, fruits and medicines. Plant more tree so we can live happily. Do not pluck the leaves from the plants and let the greenery grow.