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  • Below is the latest tally of the number of trees to be planted & the number of countries and schools that have joined in!  ALL WELCOME!  Any adult is welcome to donate to plant extra trees for the chance to win a signed copy of the book “The Future We Choose“!!
  • If you are shy, you can submit your drawing as anonymous or with a fun ‘pen name’ – but you need to include the correct email address.
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trees will be planted
29 from drawings
101 from donations


Australia, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom



Featured Entries

  • Tree Dreaming

    I love trees because they give us air to breath and stay alive and they are what makes up a…

  • Life without trees

    When I am bored, I like to look at trees. I think about life without trees and how horrible it…

  • Lightbulb Tree

    This drawing is inspired by a tree next to my house every day we go and play on it climb…

  • Planting trees

    Trees are our best friend.  They help us in different ways.  I love them very much.  I like plantation.  It…

  • Another World

    A penguin from our world comes through a portal on a mountain and looks out over a coral destroyed world…

  • Favourite tree

    I drew a pohutakawa tree for my aunty Lorraine because I thought it would be nice.

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