Support Us

You can help in so many ways!

Spread the word!

  • Tell school principals / teachers / parents / friends of kids about the contest.
  • Share this video or share this picture or share this one page summary
  • Post about the contest on social media using the hashtag #kidscareaboutclimatechange
  • Help a kid you know enter their drawing into the contest.
  • Visit a school class and help them enter the contest.

Help us plant all the trees!

  • We got more than twice as many entries as we expected.  So if you are able to help us buy all the trees we need for Fifteen Trees to plant one for each entry, we’d love your help –
  • Each tree costs $5 – you can buy one or as many as you like here: 
  • Organisations that buy trees: we’ll add your logo below and post on social media about you!
  • At the end of the contest, we will pick a random winner who will receive a copy of the book The Future We Choose” signed by Christiana Figueres, architect of the Paris Climate Agreement!! Each tree you buy gets you one chance in the draw.

Nominate a forest!

Wear the contest on a t-shirt!

  • Fifteen Trees is organising the planting of trees for this initiative.
  • Our major sponsor - Dattner Group - made it possible to print the mosaic of the 2,629 drawings onto 2 giant banners (7m high, 2.24 m wide)!!
  • This initiative is inspired and supported by the amazing women of Homeward Bound.
  • Personal, one-on-one coaching ( Of-Kin donated trees to this initiative.
  • Captive Media Australia
    Captive Media Australia is company that creates videos with heart for environmentally and socially conscious businesses.