Age 5-7

Foxes hunting down our turtles

These foxes are hunting down our turtles! And also they are making some of our turtles extinct. It is very upsetting to me for I love turtles and their way of relaxing. For they are extremely beautiful and graceful as they glide across the ocean skies like a sea bird. The soil is getting destroyed…  Read More

As árvores [The Trees]

Eu amos as arvores pois elas nos fornecem sombra e são ótimas para escalar e brincar. Nos oferecem flores lindas e frutos deliciosos, além de serem casa para muitos animais. [I love the trees because they give us shade and are great for climbing and playing. They offer us beautiful flowers and delicious fruits, besides…  Read More


Is a tree inside a cat with donuts

Picnic at the garden

We love trees and animals a lot. We protect them to protect the nature. Trees give us food and Oxygen that helps us to live and reduce global warming. More trees is more life!

Save all trees

Trees are fun and I love tree houses and climbing trees. We need trees to keep us healthy and happy.

Ashtons Japanese maple

I love the colour of Japanese maple trees

Enchanted forest

This is a drawing of the view of me walking through the enchanted forest

Covid 19 on canvas

My picture is about how covid has locked our mother earth down

My motherland with and without trees.

Saving trees makes everyone happy while cutting trees makes everyone sad.

The Great Tingle

Some trees, such as the red tingle, only live in the Walpole wilderness. Red tingle trees can grow to 17m around the tree and I love how big they can get.

Beautiy of trees

Trees provide homes to all sorts of things. So let’s plant trees. You can also climb them and have picnics under them.

Tree in water

It is my favourite tree. By showing a tree growing in water I can show the elements that support all life on earth.

Protect trees and loving world

Trees give life to the animal and loss of the tree will make cring animals.impact of pollution is shown in the right side.

Down The Memory Tree

I like to swing under my favourite tree. As I grow, my tree grows, to help fights climate change.

Sea weeds and Happy Ocean

See weeds help to balance the marine life which covers 75% of the earth. Let’s protect the happy Ocean.

Sea world

Lets protect the sea world

I Love to Plant Trees

I love to sit under the shade of trees. So I ove to plant trees.

More Trees More happiness

When there are more trees around us feel more happy. We feel more cool around us with trees. When trees are full of fruits it is so beautiful. I can see the birds are happy. So many beautiful flowers makes around us beautiful and butterflies are happy. So I like to help trees to grow…  Read More


Variety of trees in our orchard.

My future

This is my Earth. This is how it will be in a few years and I don’t want my future and the other generations future to suffer so lets make our Earth beautiful again.

Sea Creatures

Let’s protect the ocean . It produces over half of the world’s oxygen.

My Village

I love my beautiful village.

My happy place

Playing under the tree

Save the trees

Save the trees. It gives us oxygen. Every living creatures need to breathe clean air.