Age 5-7

Coral Reef

Coral reef


Whales say ‘Help!  These plastic bottles are killing me!’

Please help us!

Polar bears say ‘Please help us!’  Stop global warming.  Penguins say ‘everything is melting.  We’re on thin ice.’

Building up the ice!

The polar bear and the penguin are fixing the ice with sticky tape.

Save the Coral Reef

Look how clean the coral reef is when you don’t throw rubbish in it!

Help the Coral

The Greenhouse gas is seen in my picture destroying the coral with the help of the sun. Some fish and a lot of coral are dying and we need to stop polluting our world to stop this happening.

Coral Dying

Fish are having to leave their homes because the coral reefs are dying. The white areas on the drawing are the reefs that are dying.


We love the Antarctic and have enjoyed learning about it.

Save the sea

We love the Antarctic and have enjoyed learning about it.

Conserve the Ocean Rainbow

The ocean has a rainbow of colours, made from coral, fish, turtles and other living things. If climate change continues, coral will be bleached and animals will die and we will have boring colourless oceans. I want to save all of the living things in the coral reefs under our oceans.

Keep Cool to Save Our Oceans

I love the colours of the coral and the fish in the ocean. If the climate keeps changing, we will loose the beautiful colours and that will be really sad.

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

Bea’s penguins

Save the penguins. Stop puting rubbish in the wild. Save the penguins home. Stop the ice melting. Save the coral. By Bea

Colourful Penguin and Polarbear

I love most the chubby penguins and polar bears and want them to have lots of food to eat.

Help before to late

Help now

Tears of Antarctica

The animals of Antarctica are watching their home melting. They are sad and they cannot do anything to stop the disaster. I wish I have the power to freeze the ice for them. Let’s wake up and stop the pollution.

Under the Sea

I like the creatures that live under the sea.


I love sea turtles.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Safety

It is not fair if the humans get a lot of property when polar bears work hard to survive when their environment is dying. Coca-Cola should give out their money to help the polar bears survive!

Save the penguins

Penguins and their babies. Stop global warming and save the penguins

penguin feeding

I like penguins and want to save them and their habitat.

Save Arctic!

Global warming is a present threat to our home planet Earth. Do your part! Plant trees, save trees, stop pollution.

Sad penguin

Sad penguin