Age 8-10

Spot The Difference and Make A Difference. Start Planting Trees and Save Lives.

It’s time to make a change and start planting trees now before it’s too late. Trees provide oxygen for us and all other living creatures to survive and Earth’s ecosystem will not survive without trees.

As trees grow

As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide many benefits to us, every day.

Sad ou Happy Planet – We choose

Além de adorar as árvores para escala-las, elas são os pulmões do planeta e ainda são muito importantes para controlar a temperatura global. A destruição das florestas pelas queimadas e consumo desenfreado podem trazer danos irreversíveis a todo planeta. [In addition to worshipping trees to scale them, they are the lungs of the planet and…  Read More

The world wide trees

To show that trees are all around the earth

Life or death

New clear power plants should be locked down and torn apart by machines and we can fly some stuff up in the atmosphere that can help us stop climate change. We need more energy and we need to plant more trees and stop producing plastic products, which will also save penguins, coral reefs and people.

Make It Better

On the left side you have pollution from the smoke & cars affecting the air & sunshine. There are no fish in the pond & the ice is melting for the penguins. On the right side you have electric cars (Tesla), people riding bikes instead of driving, nice big trees being taken care of by…  Read More

Trees are Important

Trees give us oxygen to survive. We need to make sure that we keep planting more to cool our oceans.

We Can Save our Planet

Trees are important to me because they give me oxygen. Trees are important to the planet because if we plant more trees, it will make the sea colder.

Why we Need Trees

We need more trees because they help to cool down the ocean. They also give a place for all animals to live.

Our World

I drew this because I think kids are important in making decisions and not just adults. We know how important planting trees is to our world.

The Environment Tree

The Environment Tree is a home for all animals, even humans. Trees are the base of the environment. Without them, there is no world.

Tree Hugger

Trees are important because they cool down the ocean and clean the air. I love trees because they are so beautiful.

Plant Trees

I painted this tree with a very simple but important message. Plant trees.


I drew this to ask what future people want. Trees are essential to our planet. We need them to survive.

Save the Trees

I love trees because they are fun to climb on and they are so interesting.

One Tree Planted

When I climb a tree it makes me calm. I love how they make me feel. Trees are also so important to the earth. Every creature needs them to live and breathe.

Trees are important

Let’s plant trees! They are important to everyone and everything. They give us clean air, food and shelter. They will help cool down our oceans.

Birds Living in a Tree

Planting trees not only helps cool our oceans and planet. It also provides homes and food for birds and wildlife to survive.

Trees are Important

Trees are important to the earth. They provide fresh air and homes. I love to climb trees and just observe them…

Different Futures

I drew two different possibilities for the future. We need to work together to make sure our future is bright.

Take Notice

Notice the small things that help trees help the environment. Notice that trees are important for all creatures to breathe and survive.

Our Ocean

This is our ocean and planting trees will help the ocean and wildlife both on land and underwater. This is our ocean! We all have to help.

There’s Time

Trees are important for the future of the planet. They give us oxygen. I love trees.

We Can Do This!

My drawing is what I want for the earth. Trees that provide homes for animals, air to breathe and cool down our oceans.