Under 5

Les Arbres Violets des Préscolaires de Cap Canaille Rolle !

Des arbres imaginaires, parés des plus belles couleurs ! [Imaginary trees, adorned with the most beautiful colors!]

Les Arbres Jaunes des Préscolaires de Cap Canaille Rolle !

Des arbres très natures, en plein soleil pour profiter du bel été qui arrive ! [Very natural trees, in full sun to enjoy the beautiful summer that is coming!]

Save trees

Please save nature 💗💗

Laughing Trees

When trees laughing 😁 all the nature’s laugh. I love trees and nature!🌴🌴🌴 we take care the trees! They wil take care for us!!!


Used method postal and color pencil


Used method is pastel and color pencil

Raindrops, Trees and Me…

I love to play under trees in rain. It makes me really happy.

Playing Under Trees

I love to play under trees. Here I’m throwing my balls up in the sky.. I have many coloured balls.

I love trees

I have always loved the trees around me, and they always feed me and my friends

What I love about trees

I love to observe the nature around trees and play under them with friends.

By the river

I’m lucky to have the cool comforts of a river every morning. Every morning I open my eyes through the window to enjoy the sunshine and the glittering water.

Magical Tree

Trees keep me calm on walks. I love to watch them and listen to the leaves rustle in the wind

Tree is important

I love coconut trees,we have a lot of coconut trees in our yard and those trees are very useful to us.

Trees and me

I love trees because they give us air and help us to live and breathe. I love playing in the long grass under the trees.


I love rainbows. More trees make more rainbows.

Let Mother Nature Nurture

I love trees as they are very strong and they can hold my beautiful hammock. I can relax in the loving lap of Mother Nature and eat sweet loving fruits that grow on the trees.


Trees make ecological balance. Save trees for better future.

I Love My Mother Earth

Without trees no rain..Earth dries, too much heat, glaciers melting little me crying for the rain.

The bird tree

The birds like the tree, the trees looks after birds and the other animals too, like the hippopotamus and the unicorn bird. The hippopotamus has love because the environment is healthy.

Woodpecker making it’s home

I like the fruits falling down from the trees that i have showed hanging from tree. I also like wood peckers and other birds sitting on the tree.

Protect home of animals

I like to watch monkeys in forests. Save trees to prevent animals getting homeless.

L’Arbre des Aventuriers de Cap Canaille Villars-sur-Glâne !

Un arbre ensoleillé, plein de vie et de couleurs ! Reflet des enfants qui l’ont peint ☀️ [A sunny tree, full of life and colors! Reflection of the children who painted it ☀️]

L’Arbre des Explorateurs de Cap Canaille Villars-sur-Glâne !

Une belle collaboration entre les enfants pour transformer leurs mains en feuilles. Le résultat, un arbre gigantesque ! [A beautiful collaboration between children to turn their hands into leaves. The result, a gigantic tree!]

L’Arbre des Trotteurs de Cap Canaille Villars-sur-Glâne !

Un arbre qui représente le beau travail d’équipe de tous les enfants qui ont participé à sa réalisation 🌳 [A tree that represents the beautiful teamwork of all the children who participated in its realization 🌳]