Your drawing tours the world!

Grand Prizes

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  • What will the grand prize(s) be?
      1. Ever wondered what it’s like to have a close encounter with a polar bear?  Or walk to the South Pole?  One lucky winner will get a 30 minute private Zoom call with the inspirational and fearless polar explorers and climate champions from Hearts in the Ice!!  You can ask Hilde and Sunniva whatever you like!!
      2. Would you like to see your drawing as a custom skin in Fortnite????  I am signing up to the Fortnite ‘Support a Creator’ program and will create a skin inspired by a grand prize winning drawing.
      3. Want to tell adults all over the world what you think about climate change?  This lucky winner will be interviewed on the award winning podcast Outrage + Optimism as part of a children’s episode.  Christiana Figueres led the United Nations effort that resulted in the historic signing of the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon emissions and slow the heating of the Earth!!
      4. Can you imagine flying an airplane through a hurricane (typhoon, tropical cyclone)??  This winner gets a 30 minute private Zoom call with a pilot who does just that!  You can ask Hurricane Hunter, Commander Rebecca Waddington all about it!
      5. Imagine your drawing printed on a small flag sailing with Lisa Blair as she races around Antarctica in her yacht to break the world speed record!!  This grand prize winner will have their drawing photographed along the journey and the signed flag will be returned for display at your school!
      6. Keen to tell the story behind your drawing to kids around Australia?  This grand prize winning drawing will be featured in an article in the Australian Geographic Kids Magazine!!
      7. We aim to make all prizes as close to carbon neutral as possible.
  • Who are the judges?

A team of artists / scientists / authors from around the world will decide the winners.  These are:

Anna Cabre (Spain), Dyan DeNapoli (USA), Tracy Edwards (UK), Marlo Garnsworthy (USA), Inae Guion (Brazil), Sandra Guzman (Mexico), Lungi Mchunu (South Africa), Deborah Pardo (France), Sue Pillans (Australia), Angela Rossen (Australia), Songqiao Yao (China), and Catherine Sarah Young (Philippines)

  • How will the judges decide the grand prize winner(s)?

Keeping in mind the age of the entrant:

    1. Together, the drawing, title, and associated description tells a compelling story relevant to the theme of the contest (trees as a way to slow climate heating and its impacts on penguins, coral reefs and people). This is your chance to make your voice heard to adults around the world about climate change!
    2. The drawing is imaginative and original in how it tells the story the kid wants to communicate. It can’t just be a copy of someone else’s idea.  And there is no ‘right answer’.  Surprise us and make us think.  For example, ask yourself what a penguin would say to a forest if it knew that forest was helping to cool the Earth and how that could be shown in a drawing.
    3. The drawing is well executed art-wise as appropriate for the age of the artist. For example, effective drawings make good use of colour, use shading to add depth and perspective, and use light and shadow to set a mood for the drawing.

People's Choice Prizes

  • Everyone around the world will be invited to vote for additional winners by ‘liking’ their favorite drawings.
  • These winners will get a private, 30 minute Zoom video session where they can ask whatever questions they like of an artist / author / scientist / explorer.
  • We aim to make all prizes as close to carbon neutral as possible!
  • People’s Choice prizes so far include: