Age 11-13

Save Trees Save Planet

When there are many trees all aquatic and land species will survive and glaciers will not melt. Trees make a perfect world to live.

Chilling tree

The chilling tree is a calm tree and a safe tree to be. Don’t cut down the trees

Children playing in river

World uses swimming pool to get experience in river etc. But in this picture i have describe children in a village playing in a river having fun,taking real experience, in a environmental area with no pollution.this says we have a real bath with environment. Constructing pool in forest as many people does to feel real…  Read More

Tree house

Trees are amazing because you can do any thing with them you can climb them and make a tree house. But the main thing is it makes us breathe.

Trees give us air

We would not survive without trees so stop cutting them Down and grow them

Trees are beautiful

Trees are beautiful, don’t cut them down. The last two trees in the valley, dream trees for now.

Let us save our world

lets save our world plant more plants fill your garden with flowers, trees ,plants

Save our penguins,Save our oceans,Save our sea lives…

We should save our penguins,coral reefs and sea lives…

The Environment Without pollution

The image shows the Beautiful world without pollution

Coral reefs and penguins

We should protect these beautiful natural resources.

The Tree of Life

My drawing includes some of my favourite creatures and plants who all depend on trees in the jungle to live. If they lose their habitats some of these may become extinct in the wild during my life time which would be a preventable tragedy.

colourful life

Save trees,decorte nature with green

Trees support Life

I have drawn a tree holding up the world as it supports all life. Above the tree and the world the bright colours represent the heat and greenhouse gases causing global warming which if not stopped will destroy not only trees but all living things on earth.


I love the environment and penguins . I think this way is good for we children to protect environment.

Penguins swimming in the ocean

The corals lives because of the trees and the penguins could swim inside the ocean with enough oxygen because of the corals. Save trees and corals and save penguins.

Save the penguins!

I drew this drawing because I love penguins and I want to do something about it. I have heard that penguins are becoming extinct due to climate change and global warming.

Global warming

This picture shows two sides of the world, one that is the normal and the other that shows how global warming has heated the Earth The dead fish and their bones hows how global warming has killed the reefs and how fish have died.

Save environment

Save erath and environment don t let planta die let’s plant trees

Cherry Blossom Tree

I drew a cherry blossom tree because it blossomed the day I was born.

will the tree

This tree has a beautiful scenery around it with healthy green leave and healthy brown stems.

Save the trees!!

If you want to breathe save the trees. Trees are oxegon, trees are trees.


Trees are so important to shelter wildlife and cool the earth. They help save penguins, coral and reefs, which is key to an amazing future for us to see.

save the trees

the brown trail is the stub of the tree to represent growth and the pink blob is the lefsa of the trees to represent the beauty of the trees.

The Separated Penguins

I think that trees are very important to penguins because they help reduce the Carbon Dioxide in the air which helps reduce the greenhouse effect on Earth. I drew this to resemble the separation between the penguins and the mainland.