Age 11-13

Global warming destroys

Without trees, global warming destroys habitat all over the world. Global warming dries up streams, and kills coral reefs. Also, in cooler places like Antarctica, ice melts and all animals who depend on the ice to live are vulnerable to extinction.

Enjoy the outdoos

People need to live in harmony with nature.

Climate change meme fight

Memet viser hvad mennesker har gjort ved klimaet. [The meme shows what humans have done to the climate.]

Flowing trees

Tegningen viser træer og vand i bevægelse [The drawing shows moving trees and water]

More trees

Trees are the best and real fuel to our planet

A tree on a starry sky

I love how trees cool the Earth to help saves penguins, coral reefs and people. definitely didn’t copy-paste that

Save trees and penguins

Pollutions is lethal to marine environments including those of penguins and trees .so we save trees and penguins


My drawing is a drawing of a tree fighting the climate change to keep the penguins and coral reefs safe.


Fossil fuels are hurting the earth. Glaciers and ice caps are melting, affecting animals, bleaching coral reefs, and ocean levels are rising.

The last snowman

My drawing depicts a snowman which is melting due to various human activities such as cutting of trees, building factories, etc. Which is resulting in the increase of global warming. The hands depict that the Earth which is in our hands is suffering due to our activities. The last snowman is fighting for its life,…  Read More


My picture shows of fun times I’ve had, great memories of times spent climbing and swinging and thinking I’m ontop of the world. Through any season, any time of year, trees play a big part in our lives – we love trees!!!

cooling trees helps the world

My drawing displays a tree divided into two sections cooling and heating. In the cooler section, lots of oxygen is produced and in hotter section a lot of carbon dioxide is formed. i think my picture shows that trees cool the earth and helps to save lots of things.

Trees of Hope

We the current generation should be planting more “Trees of Hope” to ensure a sustainable living for the decades to come. Not only should we plant trees, but we must also aim towards Eco-Friendly Living, Reduction of Carbon Emission and Maintaining Responsible Businesses. To attain eco-friendly living, we should use an electronic device such as…  Read More

Trees save you when you save them

Trees that protects Coral reefs and it in-return saves and protects the penguins by removing the carbon dioxide that destroys the coral reefs and snatches the krills ( Penguins food) .

Beautiful Blue Ocean

Beautiful blue ocean is the house of thousand of sea creatures. Protect trees to protect them.

Save the trees

Save the trees. We need a better environment.

Kiran’s Tree of Life

What I like about trees is that you can climb them and make tree houses and lots of different animals live in them. They provide shade when its’ too hot outside and they give off oxygen so that we can breathe and be alive.

My Tree Swing

I love playing tree swing with my family and friends. Stop cutting trees. Let’s create beautiful memory with them.

My dream tree house

This is my dream tree house. Help me to achieve my dream. Stop cutting trees.

Beautiful Blue Ocean

Protect our beautiful blue ocean by saving the trees.

Air is given

I love trees because they bring air to this beautiful world.


I like trees because of life.


I like trees because you can relax around them.

My seasonal tree

J’aime comment les arbres peuvent avoir plein de couleurs différentes et comment ils offrent la vie. I love how trees can have so many different colours, and how they give and support life.