About the GIANT banner

Making the GIANT banner:

  1. We created a mosaic of the drawings
  2. We printed it in 5 sections TWICE at UniPrint thanks to major sponsor Dattner Group!
  3. My husband sewed the panels together to create two banners  – it took him 10 hours each time.
  4. Watch how it was made !

More about the GIANT banner:

  • The banner includes all 2,629 drawings from 33 nations and 213 schools!
  • It is HUGE – 7 metres long by 4.25 metres wide.  Taller than a 2 story house.
  • It has 4 handles along the top (one on each end and one equidistant) and 3 along the bottom, plus 4 equally spaced along each side.
  • The banner is printed on water resistant light weight fabric.  It weighs ~7 kg.
  • As you would expect, it catches the wind very easily!

  • It is fun to play with!  You can play the ‘parachute game’ (Up. Down. Up, Down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Let go – run underneath!)

  • You can also march with it, as we have done at the following climate strikes in Perth, Australia.



So far the banner has been to Western Australia and Queensland but will visit Tasmania and South Australia soon!

    1. Western Australia
    2. Queensland
    3. Tasmania
      • COMING SOON for National Tree Day:
        • Mt Stuart Primary School (Hobart)
        • Lauderdale Primary School (Hobart)
        • Peregrine School (Hobart)
        • Hopefully, film the giant banner up a very tall tree with The Tree Projects (Hobart)
    4. South Australia
      • COMING SOON  Blackwood Primary School (Adelaide)




  • The banner travelled to Glasgow, UK for the United Nations COP26 climate meeting. It was presented at an event Tues 9 Nov along with a video about its travels!!  WATCH THE VIDEO.  It was also on display in the ‘Green Zone’ at COP26 for the rest of that week.


  • For Earth Day 2022, the banner travelled to the NPS International School (more, more) in Singapore!
  • For World Environment Day 2022, 40 kids from NPSI filmed the banner in the rainforest after doing a beach cleanup!  Video and pictures coming soon!!


  • On 13 July 2022, the banner was filmed at The Habitat Penang Hill rainforest discovery centre tree top walk in Malaysia, thanks to author, scientist & arbonaut Meg Lowman and her fabulous team led by Allen Tan (video) !!  The walk is 13 metres high – so tall enough for the 7 metre high GIANT banner 🙂  More video coming soon!




  • Long term plan – at the rainforest walkway being built in Ranomafana, Madagascar led by author, scientist & arbonaut Meg Lowman!!