‘Kids Care About Climate Change’ Drawing Contest (closed)


An amazing 1,246 drawings came from 11 countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Mozambique, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA) and 120 schools in just under 2 months (1 Sept – 29 Oct 2018)!! This translates to even more kids, as some drawings were team efforts.  64 drawings won prizes – see the Prizes page for a list of the winners!  Check out the Flag Updates page for how I’m going with the MASSIVE flag of your drawings.  And check out the News page to fly through a mosaic of all the drawings!



Are you a kid aged 5 to 14 ?  Do you care what happens to penguins and/or coral reefs as the Earth’s climate warms?  Share what you love most about them (and want most to save) with other kids, teachers and scientists around the world.  Thank you everyone for your amazing drawings!!  Epic prizes are available for the most popular drawings, and I’ll print and sew a GIANT flag of drawings to fly over Antarctica in Jan 2019. (Learn more + get drawing ideas) And, if you want, share a video like this one from Willow of Australia.

Are you a science or art teacher?  Would you like to get your students thinking and talking about how climate change is affecting the Earth?  Why not make entering this contest a class activity and your school will get a free copy of either the Zobi and the Zoox or Polar Eyes books from CSIRO!  If the winning design comes from your school, proceeds from the sale of a t-shirt with that design will go to your school.

Are you a scientist?  Thank you for voting for your favourite drawings.

This contest is part of an educational outreach program that asks kids aged 5 to 14: ‘What do penguins and coral reefs have in common?‘, developed by Marji Puotinen of the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Dirk Slawinski of CSIRO.

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