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Tree of Life

The tree has every thing from a child’s life like a bear, a tooth and a tire swing too.

Help Trees

Do not use plastic containers. Go to the shops and use reusable containers. Stop polluting!

Best Friend Tree

Stop polluting and throwing rubbish, it’s not good for the environment.

Trees are the Best!

How do you care for trees?

Funday Tree

Animals and people need trees for their wellbeing.

Wonder Tree

People don’t have a place to live without the trees and the world.

Stop the Rubbish

We need trees to survive, have fun and we need to stop cutting down trees. A tree that you don’t litter at.

Save the Trees

Trees are pretty and need to live and we need them to live.

Tree of Love

We love trees and they love us.

The Blossom Tree

People have to stop cutting down our trees. There won’t be very many left if people continue cutting down trees, so please stop cutting down trees, now! I hope you understand how important trees are, if you see someone cutting down a tree tell them to stop and tell them how important trees are.

Stop Killing Trees

Stop killing the trees because it is nature and it helps us live.

Blue Sky Trees

Trees are an important part of Earth and they give us a nice day. They also help us think really hard because when you are under a tree it is peaceful.

Save the Trees

Trees give oxygen to people so we can live. The trees we plant create a better place to live. Thank you.

The Cuteness Tree

Trees are important because they give us air.

Save the Trees

Trees are beauty because they give us oxygen and they give us food and water.

Monkey Tree

Animals need trees to survive.

The Red Wood Tree

Trees are important because they provide us with foods, homes, oxygen, shade, air and life.

Treehouse Dream

Everyone loves a playful tree where people and animals can connect.

Save the Trees

People like the trees and people like to relax under the trees.

The Epic Treehouse!

We need to stop cutting down trees because they are homes to animals, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which helps us breathe so please stop cutting down trees and hurting the environment.

The Beautiful Seasons

Every tree can be beautiful in its own way.

The Mythixs Tree

My tree is the Mythixs tree. This tree is very old, it has been there for 3.4 billion years and it can generate beams of energy and temporary illusions that have writing that is 3.2 billion years old. There is a tomb underneath that has an ancient relic powering the tree.

The Fast Growing Tree

It is magical and it grows gold apples and enchanted apples.

Save Trees-it’s our nature!

Our trees are very fragile to us we need them to make paper and oxygen. Stop! Hurting trees!