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Tree of Branches

The trees’ branches fall down every month and every day a new golden apple gets planted.

The Little House

A place I can call my home.

Friend Tree

Trees are very very precious to us and we need them for oxygen.

Our Tree

Everyone needs trees to survive, if we take care of trees they’ll take care of us.

Haunted Tree

A beautiful tree has turned into a haunted tree because no one looked after it.

The Good vs Bad

We need trees to breathe but we are destroying them, we are harming the animals and environment so we need to treat the trees better.


I like trees because it gives you air and takes carbon dioxide.

Save the Trees!

We need to take action now or trees population will go right down and go extinct.

I Love Trees

I love trees because they give us oxygen, homes for animals and most of all, trees calm me down.

Best Trees

Trees give you air.

The Wonderful Gum

Stop and think before you do!


If we cut down trees animals are living in it and if we cut down trees we won’t have oxygen to breathe.

I Love Trees

Trees are life makers.

Cracked Tree

Animals can be very sad if you chop trees.

Tree Climb

I love sitting and climbing in trees. Trees and all plants are important because they take the stuff you breathe out and turn it into the stuff you breathe in.


Trees give us air and are beautiful and some trees have flowers.


Trees give us air!


They give us air!

Team Trees

I like trees because they give us oxygen. I like trees because they give squirrels homes.


If we did care our Earth would be healthy.


We need to take care of our planet, because animals are getting sick and there really easy to be killed. Everyone should start picking up rubbish and grow trees to save animals especially us humans, without trees our air would be polluted.


When you don’t have trees you can’t breathe.

The Love Tree

It is beautiful!

Great Nature

Don’t underestimate the power of nature.