Age 11-13

the local park

Don’t cut down trees they can be helpful in different ways. You can climb up them or hide behind them or they can give you protection. Maxwell age 11

All For Trees And Trees For All

All trees do is give, it’s not fair, we don’t show the same kindness

The tree of stars

Even amongst the shining twinkling stars, this precious is still the star of the show

Trees Give Life

My drawing is about the deforestation around the world and how trees give life and you should not take theirs away.

What we will lose

The world is going to be a lesser place if the places where we live and wild animals live is changed by climate change

Trees, our classroom

The classroom in our village is under the tree. It provide shade and fresh air to children

Earth’s shade

Trees gives earth shade and air. My village does activities under the tree shade

Trees, Niassa’s beauty

Trees provide shade and protect my house from being destroyed by storm

We need shade

My mother needs shade to pound maize. It provides her good air

My tree, my fruits

I get fruits from trees. I get air from it

We count on trees

This is more like a question, do you want to breathe?

The odd one out

A tree that is lonely because his friends have been cut down

Trees create air

Trees are important because they produce clean air for us to breathe

Hannah’s tree

I used a drawing app to create a tree with all my favourite colours on, my tree also has extra things on it like rosses and poppies! I love to draw and I really love caring for our world.

The tree and river water

Trees hold river water to not evaporate rapidly. I, my parents and animals depend on this water

Lightbulb Tree

This drawing is inspired by a tree next to my house every day we go and play on it climb swing on the branches and have picnics. I don’t want the tree to die or get cut down so save the trees!

Fire Trees

I love trees because they are good for our earth and good for me.

Trees Colour our World

Trees bring adventure to me, beautiful colours and most importantly air. We must take care and stop destroying them.

It’s not that hard!

Trees mean the world to me because they help me breathe. It is really not that hard for us to plant more trees, just do it!

Tree of Life

We can pollute the world all we like, but if we want to ensure our world is thriving, we must stop and think. We must take action, as climate change is creeping up on us.

Another World

A penguin from our world comes through a portal on a mountain and looks out over a coral destroyed world with trees made of coral.


I feel that this title is fitting as that’s what the trees signify for me, even after all we have put them through they continue to keep us and many other creatures alive. This is shown in the bright colours used to paint the tree compared to the Grey’s,browns and blacks it eventually fades into…  Read More

The Meaning of Life

Our trees give us air to breath which gives us life.