Age 11-13

Plant Trees, Save Lives

The number of trees in the world has decreased a lot. We survive with the help of trees. So we should plant more trees, instead of cutting down trees. Otherwise the next generation and we will have to face a lot of difficulties. So plant trees, save lives.

The future of trees

I like trees because They help us all live a peaceful life!

Small trees are still important

Trees are very snazzy and we need to protect them as if we chop down the trees then there is less carbon dioxide in the air to help us breath and breathing is very cool and something we should probably think about doing. So no trees = no breath. Even the small ones.

Treehouse of the past

Trees are beautiful plants that help us breath and spark creativity. Stop hurting them and cutting them down! They’re helping us and we’re killing them.

What I see

I love trees, and what they do for the planet. However there all being chopped down and no one cares. The trees are being massacred by humans, while the rest just sit around. This is what my picture shows.

Day After Day

Trees are rapidly being cut down and people disrespecting the animals that lived inside them. Maybe if people would look at the trees they would realise how great they are and see how they change day after day.

The seasonal tree

More than one season. thin. it’s a potted has nose and soft leaves

Death and life

It’s your choice chose life or death your bad if you chose death

Save tree save life

When you cut a tree, you kill a life. When you save a tree, you save a life. Plant trees wherever you can. It can also be in the land of ice, where penguins live. We should plant more trees.

The Seasons Of Four

I love the way a tree can change into a variety of different looks and looks beautiful all the same. The fact that it can cool the earth and helps save animals and reefs is just amazing. I love trees.

Climate Change must stop today!

My drawing shows that climate change is bad for the environment and that it causes corals to bleach and penguins to lose ice.By planting a tree to provide oxygen it can help reduce climate change and save a life of a poor penguin.Please plant a tree today to prevent climate change.

Taking over

Slowly socity is taking over nature. This little girl goes to this little tree every single day, only to escape the growing city.


Trees are so calm and relaxing. Trees give us oxygen to live. Without trees, we would be no where in life. Everyone should appreciate trees and not chop any down.

Three trees

Trees are the reason we’re here right now, so don’t cut them down.

the calming tree

Trees are great they provide fruit and oxygen.They are fun for climbing and having picnics in the shade.

Enchanted Village

To every tree there is a home. So don’t cut them. They are a part of life.

Lemon Tree

Stop cutting down trees when they’re trying to give you lemons and trying to solve your dilemmas.


Memories are the most important thing on earth so tell me do you have any memories of a tree?

Less Work for Trees

Polluting the earth makes too much work for trees! They need our help to clean our air.

Sunsetting Trees

Save the trees before they sunset off the planet.

Climate change is BAD!

My drawing represent how climate change can cause bad things such as melting the arctic tundra, this is bad because wildlife that live there will have no where to go! Also a alive coral into a bleaching one just because of climate change. 1 tree equals 1 life, HELP SAVE CLIMATE CHANGE!

Tree of life

My drawing shows that trees are such an excellent way to stop global warming and yet they are so helpful in many ways. I love them because trees provide us with oxygen.

Love Bird

Love bird, trees provide homes for many animals not just birds.This picture represents how many homes one single tree can give.So next time you see a person harming a tree gently remind them that they are destroying someones home!

Just Breathe

We all love going to the park, and to have a picnic under a tree. But trees do muck more than give us shade, trees take out the carbon-dioxide from the air.