Age 5-7

Animals Under The Sea

A narwhal, goldfish and jellyfish. The circles are bubbles. In the corner there is a clam shell with a pearl inside. There is some coral on the seafloor with tubes, they are many colours.

Sunburnt Penguin

Our Earth is getting warmer, and the ice is beginning to melt in Antarctica – the penguins are loosing their homes as the ice shrinks. The animals are affected by climate change, can penguins adapt? I don’t want penguins to have to wear sun protection products!

Penguins at Play

The penguins are sliding and sitting on their eggs. They are standing and swimming but the ice is still melting from global warming.

Penguins Swimming in the Water

The ice is melting because of pollution and the penguins have to swim on and in the water instead of playing on the ice.

The Penguin and the Coral

The coral is dying because of global warming and rubbish. The penguins and the coral might die. I hope the turtle will stay alive.


It’s really hot!!! The penguin is dying because the seas are getting hotter. Where is all the ice????

My Penguin

The penguin is holding the eggs in her flipper because the ice is melting.

Penguin Laying an Egg on Ice

The penguin is laying an egg but the ice is melting from the burning sun and the earth warming up.

Penguins and Underwater Creatures

I love penguins. The penguins have made a snow penguin. I love how crabs have eyes on stilts.

The shark runs to the penguins

I really like it because the shark is going to eat the penguin!

Polar bear and a penguin

I drew this because I love polar bear and penguin.

Penguins, polar bears, a whale and fish

The penguins and the polar was fighting. There is a whale swimming. There is a deep fish. There is a penguin eating a fish.

The ice breaks

I drew this drawing because I like warm blooded animals.

Ice Island

I drew a polar bear and two penguins.

North Pole

I drew a penguin house and breaking ice bergs that take a giant jump into the sea.

The amazing sea life

The whale shark is trying to eat thousands of krill, so watch out krill the whaleshark is coming.

The coral reef

A happy, healthy coral reef

The beautiful coral reef

The rainbow fish is swimming in the coral.

The legendary life in the coral reef

It’s a group of people picking seaweed but ther’re sharks in the seaweed.

The coral reef

There’s a sea snake peeking through a hole in the shipwreck.

What you should do about the coral reef

There’s plastic in the first picture and if the sea animals eat it they will die. The clean coral reef is clean in the second picture.

Beautful coral

The mermaids are scuba diving and there are a lot of fish in the coral reef.

Gemstone dolphins

The gemstones dolphins are swimming with their turtle friend. The baby gemstone dolphin is afraid of the turtle.