Age 5-7

The coral reef party

The dolphin’s party and she’s having a coral reef party.

Don’t litter all the coral

The sea mermaid is holding a magical wand and cleaning up all the litter.

All about coral

The dolphin is trying to dive into the coral and the jellyfish are going away.

Save the sea

A scuba diver is taking a picture of the coral and the dolphin.

The amazing reef

There is a fish eating litter and a jelly fish saying “why do kids litter?”

The coral

The whale is eating krill and the scuba diver is getting into the water to see the coral and the sea animals.

Saving the coral reef

You should NOT put litter in the ocean, you should put it in the bin, otherwise the reef will die.

The coral reef

The scuba diver is taking a photo of the fish in the coral reef.

The coral reef

A turtle swimming in the ocean trying to catch a jellyfish.

The undersea world

We can make coral look beautiful again if we don’t litter the ocean.

The coral reef

No one’s littering the coral reef so all the animals and coral are staying alive.

The beautiful coral reef

Fish eating sea weed off the coral and seaweed flaoting around.

Coral in the Sea

A scuba diver is seeing the coral reef and looking for rare animals.

Bea’s Penguin picture.

One penguin has a egg on its feet. Another has a baby penguin chick to look after while the mum goes to look for food while the baby penguin chick learns to walk in the snow. ❄️

The world

This is the world

Blue and free

We have an Orca and a Tiger Shark and Octopus swimming in the sea. There is lots of different coloured coral and when the water gets too hot the coral turns white and will die and that’s called coral bleaching. It is not good for our reef or the sea animals and we have to…

The Emperor Dives

I love that penguins are good swimmers and can stay underwater for a long time. There are a lot of other animals that share the same environment as the penguins.

Halophila ovalis and Dugong dugon

Dugongs are so cute. But without seagrass, they would be very hungry and wouldn’t survive. It’s important to learn about climate change. I like learning about sea grasses and marine animals. I hope they can stay around.

Coral magic

We have a sunken ship so the animals have a place to explore and hide from the big sharks. A stingray is swimmig beside the dolphin and there are lots of fish swimming in the coral and rocks. We dont want the water to get too hot because the coral will die and then the…

Coral Life

There are lots of whales playing in the sea and coming up to breathe the air. There are some sea anemones and some orange coloured coral and a brain coral. If the water gets too hot the coral will die and that’s not good. We have to recycle our things and make new things and…

Treasures of the Sea

There are lots of fish in the water and a seal and he is looking after the fish. A whale is squirting water in the sky and there is lots of coral for the fish to play in. The boats explore the reef and take pictures to make sure the animals are safe. Then they…

Keep Coral Reefs Alive

I want to keep the animals that live in the reefs alive.

Penguin City

I love penguins the most. When penguins jump up from swimming, it’s so cool.

Under the Sea

The thing I like about the coral reef is how colourful it is.