Age 8-10

Learn to Love Trees

The reason I drew this is because I want people to learn about and appreciate trees. In the future I don’t want to see people clearing trees. We need to beeb thankful for trees ass they give us the air we breathe.

Let Trees help us

My favourite thing about trees is that they are all different just like us. Without them we couldn’t breathe.

The Carbon Tree

I drew this because I think trees are important. They give us air and they give us shade. They are also imp0ortant because they give animals homes and stop the oceans from overheating.

More nature

Ved at plante flere træer bliver der mere natur. Det giver plads til store og små dyr og planter. [By planting more trees, there will be more nature. It provides space for large and small animals and plants.]

More Trees… More Penguins… More Smiles…

If we plant more trees, they will absorb more Carbon dioxide and give Oxygen. Less CO2 means, less global warming and less melting of our ice caps… So more penguins can live happily. And we can enjoy the greenery too.

Save the trees

Plant more trees instead of cutting them to keep Mother Earth Healthy 💐💐

Good Planet v Bad Planet

What a good healthy planet would compare to with a polluted bad planet

Impact of plants on penguins

I wanted to show how growing more plants will help them convert it to sugar as fuel which cools the planet. But as we make it hotter we need to grow more plants

Save the trees

Let’s join our hands to save the trees.

Saving our flower

I love playing in the garden. I could see beautiful flowers the branches of the trees.

Save the Ocean

To save the ocean, use fewer plastic products, clean the beach, don’t throw trash

Save our trees

A platform for people to sleep in and know that they love trees

The Choice is Ours

Trees are very important for us because they offer oxygen for all living things, they cool the local temperature and help to prevent global warming by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere through their photosynthesis.

Save nature save penguins to keep the climate balanced

Every day people around the world cut down the trees and Pollution of the environment because of that houses of penguins glaziers are been destroyed. So we need to save trees and mother nature. Thank you.

Penguins caring for Mother Earth

This drawing shows that like penguins care for our Mother Earth, we should also care for it

The Big Boy

I like Big Gums

The wild one

My beautiful friend

Save the trees

I love spending my free time playing with my family and friends. While resting, we sat under the big tree, laughing and creating beautiful memories together.

In the deep blue sea

In the deep blue sea, there are many living sea creatures. Protect them for a better future.

We need each other.

Trees provides us oxygen, stabilise the soil and give life to world’s wildlife. We need each other. Let’s protect mother earth for a better future.

The Big Tree

I love big tree. Tree add beauty to my garden.

Trees and penguins

My picture conveys the contrast between having trees and not having trees and their impact on penguins.


Penguin is a cute animal. Protect mother earth so it is save from extinction.

Every Single Tree Counts!!!

My drawing stresses on the importance of every single tree. Every single tree planted or saved contributes to a better future for all living things.