Age 8-10


Trees are one of many, trees are unique, if trees were not here we would not be either. Trees give us all the beautiful greenery, the oxygen, but trees need our help too! We need to help the ecosystem and the trees will help us back.

Bing Dong Dang Tree

Trees are important because they provide oxygen to keep us alive and they provide homes for animals and us.

The Lonely Tree

I love trees as they have lots of reasons for making us happy. They provide oxygen and they are nice to sit under to make you feel relaxed. They make the best fresh air. Trees have visitors, can you guess who? Wildlife of course! So many kookaburras, koalas and geckos. Trees deserve to live!

The Family Tree That Will Die If No One Cares

Trees are important because if trees were not here we would have nothing. If trees were not here we would not be alive because they give us oxygen and there would be no homes for animals, no shade and no homes for us, nothing, so we care about trees. Do not cut them down! No…  Read More


Trees give us oxygen in exchange for carbon They are beautiful and do not deserve to be cut down by machines. We should treat trees like humans, they deserve to live, not die.

Magical Tree

Trees are magical because they give oxygen and paper and especially shelter. The roots take up the water from the ground and that makes the leaves grow.

Happy Tree

Trees are helpful because they can make shade and we can have fun on them.

The Best Tree

I love trees because they provide oxygen. Trees provide homes for animals.

Tree of life.

Trees are the best because they provide air for us , but as well as providing air for us, they are beautiful and colourful , and they keep us alive, in my picture I show that the tree is full is of life but all the houses are grey and dark.

The Big Saving Tree

Trees are important because they make us live and protect us from climate because the leaves change the carbon dioxide to oxygen. They look very nice, they give shade and make homes and food for animals.

The fun place

Trees give you lots of oxygen. You can also make a tree house.

Nature is dying

On your left was 100 years ago to your right is now. My drawing is showing you what we’ve done.

Sunset tree

Trees let us do fun stuff such as swing on them using swings that have been hanged on it, climbing them, and having picnics underneath them. They also give us air.


I strongly feel that climate change has changed the world in not such a good way. I have shown Coral bleaching and others that are going to bleach, penguins loosing there homes.

Somebody to cut down a tree

Somebody is cutting down a tree

Help climate warming

I believe we all should plant trees because they give us oxygen. Trees also should help climate warming.

Save the environment

Trees matter a lot because they help us breathe. We also need to stop letting the coral bleach and all those penguins that are losing their homes that is why we need to save the environment.

Don’t cut trees down

My drawing is about people cutting down trees and you should stop

Life or Climate change

Trees can be useful but unfortunately they are dying and getting chopped down by terrible humans.

The owls home.

I drew this picture because I love to climb trees so why don’t you open your eyes and look at all these trees around because they give us oxygen and help us stay alive.

Trees are life

In my picture I’m showing trees so we don’t cut trees.My picture means a lot to me because I can breathe because of them.

Tree of helping

The reason I painted this picture is that trees help penguins and coral reafs and I believe that everyone should plant a TREE.

Why are trees are important

Climate change means trees and oxygen let us live and grow and my picture shows how I respect trees.

3 trees

Trees give us oxygen to breathe. In my photo there are three different types of trees and in one tree there is a family of birds living in the tree.