Age 8-10


Save the trees ! We need trees for oxygen and shade for reading a book and where would animals live ? I chose an owl in a tree because that’s there home.

Wonderful sunshine

These are my apple trees. They give us oxygen and they clean the air we also need them to survive. SO DON’T CHOP THEM DOWN.

Colourful blossom tree

This is my colourful blossom tree with an owl in it too, trees give us oxygen if we don’t have tree’s we could not live because we need airport survive. Don’t chop tree’s down it depends on our lives!

The Play Tree

My tree is a shaded tree and also a life tree also a bird tree.

The Tree Of Happiness

To me trees give the world life and shade also I like to climb trees. Trees give animals homes and food.

What Trees Do

Trees give us food and clean the air. They give animals places to live.

Plant Trees,Save Coral reefs & Penguins

In the picture, i have tried to show how we should plant more trees, so that we can protect our planet earth especially Coral reefs and penguins who are getting effected due to climatic changes.

Save trees

It is about saving trees.One of the sides is good and one of the sides are bad . The good side represents that everyone is not polluting and is taking care but the bad side represents people polluting and not taking care of the earth

Don’t go exstingct

Daniel the dinosaur has travelled forward in time in a time machine to warn coral reefs, penguins and people that we need to cool the Earth so they don’t go extinct! We can all help by planting a tree!


My drawing shows that we should keep our environment green and clean. Climatic change is destroying our Earth ,lets do our best to save the trees before it is too late.


He’s helping the plants. What helps the trees? Space, sun, water, care, CO2, and roots.

The CO2 Tree

I drew it because I wanted to explain how important trees are for us. Trees take CO2 and then trees transform it into oxygen.

Weather around the tree

All types of weather happens around trees. They stand firm and continue supplying us with Oxygen.

Camping by a tree

Trees provide shelter for us in so many ways. I love to go camping and I enjoy being near trees.

One Change Makes a Big Difference

We must plant trees that will benefit us and other native animals. Please don’t cut down trees that may threaten animals lives. Let’s all make a change now and help to create homes and clean air for all.

Let’s save trees

Picture shows the drawing of effect in nature with less number of trees on the right side ( shown as red ) and flowers bloomed up in nature ( on left side). We have to plant more trees for good healthy nature.

The Sunset Tree

The reason why I called it ‘The Sunset Tree’ is because it is always caught by the sunset. As some of you might see there is a small fire on the tree, with Climate Change there are more fires in Australia.

The 2 sides of Earth

This drawing shows 2 sides of Mother Earth – the clean side and the contaminated side. Trees protect our environment and help to sustain the ecological balance. Trees release water vapour as a byproduct of photosynthesis and this cools down the environment.

Cool Breeze

My drawing is about the cool air you get under a tree. If you have lied down under a tree you can feel the cool air and how relaxing it is.

Trees are Life!

Trees are important to me because they are everything. Without them, we would not be here.

Helping Tree

Trees are helpful because they keep the ice from melting. We need trees to stay alive, without trees we would not have air to breathe.

Dream Time

I love trees because they make oxygen and they give us shade when it is hot.


In my drawing I have showed that trees are very important.Trees gives us oxygen,provide us food,home to wildlife and birds,shade. We can protect our Mother Earth by planting more trees and recycling paper.Trees help us in fighting climate change.and lastly trees are beautiful 🌳🌲🍀☘️🌼

Where I belong

This drawing is about the importance of trees and how they help the world be awesome.