Grand Prize

Lets together preserve our mother nature.

My drawing describes the beauty of the lives of penguins and the spectacular colours and the beauty of the sea bed and the coral reefs…

The Future Is What We Make!

Looking at the world through the eyes of a Thirteen year old. Trees are our saving grace are they not? They provide us with food, shade, air to breathe and act as an air conditioning unit to the entire planet. We swim through the blue waters along with all this marine life that thrives due…  Read More

Embrace Nature for Brighter Future

My art attempts to depict that there is hope to reverse Climate Change with humans embracing/handshaking with Nature in every decision we take. As trees help the ocean life blossom! With this approach, I think best days of humankind are ahead of us.

We Penguins cannot do it ALONE!

My art mainly depicts about how our ecosystem is based on one another. Penguins are destroyed in a day-to-day manner, we can help save them by planting trees and keeping our atmosphere clean so that we can reduce Global Warming which leads to saving many lives that we have once destroyed.

Trees – The Pillars of Life

My drawing depicts trees branching out to bring the unique and diverse ecosystems together on earth by absorbing the excess heat and carbon dioxide and still managing to stand tall.

Save penguins coral leaf and our trees

Lets save our earth.when we plant more trees our earth will be protect and when the earth become cool it saves penguins .To save the coral reefs we shouldn’t put garbage or chemicals,from those kind of things the sea will be durty and the coral reefs will disappeared. Its our duty to save our environment…  Read More

My Happy World

Global warming is a very big threat to coral reefs, penguins and to the whole world. We are running out of time. We must act to together to protect our mother earth. People from all the nations must come together and plant as many trees as possible to stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide…  Read More

The lungs of my planet

My planet has two lungs. One is blue and the other is green. We can’t live without them. So save our forests, oceans and wildlife!

The 2 sides of Earth

This drawing shows 2 sides of Mother Earth – the clean side and the contaminated side. Trees protect our environment and help to sustain the ecological balance. Trees release water vapour as a byproduct of photosynthesis and this cools down the environment.