Under 5

My Garden Tree

I am hanging out with a tree and a flower because I like them

Save our home, and theirs’ !

I love watching the little birdies flying and singing from up the trees, let’s not take their homes away from them! Planting more trees will mean more pretty birdies !!

Big Oak Tree

I drew this because I like climbing trees!

Striped Tree

I like the blue stripes on the trees

Save Tree

My favorite fruit is apple so I want to save my apple tree

Playing under tree shade

I love playing amidst nature under the shades of tree with my mom & dad hence wish more and more trees everywhere.

I Love Trees

“I love trees because they are beautiful and they give us flowers and fruit”.

Petal tree

A flower for my mum. That is a tree with petals on the tree and a dragon too.

Savarnah’s Love of Tree Colours

I love trees because of all their colours. It makes me feel like a “rainbow”.

Eleanor’s Tree

Trees make me happy…They make our world beautiful.

Nathan’s Trees

The swing is on the tree. I like to go high!

Ruby’s Trees

I like trees cos of the swing. I like to go up and down, not round and round! Ruby 3yrs 9mths

The platypus and the turtle

The platypus and the turtle live in the river. The trees and water make sure they can stay alive