Under 5


When it is hot,I love to sit under a tree for shade.

Love trees

Love the colours and love trees

I love you trees

My drawing is about water and a fire bee. And a big dinosaur living in a tree.

Save Trees Save My World

Let’s Save Trees So We Can Save Our World

Save the trees

Save the trees and save the world

Save the penguin and coral

If we save the trees and forest we can save the penguin and ocean

Autumn tree

I love the colour of autumn leaves. I love how trees help clean up the dirty air and make it clean for us.

Save Trees

I favorite fruit is mango , I protect my tree like my life

Save turtles in srilanka

I need my turtles to be safe and happy in the ocean..🐢😊

I love My Nature

I love my environment. it has trees and animals.

Ivyaan’s world with trees, reefs and penguins

Ivyaan loves to run around trees. He has captured how trees help keeping earth a nice and cool place. He loves penguins and worries that if ice melts then where will penguins go. He also loves to paint coral reefs and doesn’t want them to turn white.

A Beautiful Morning

A beautiful morning is a great beginning of a day…

My Tree

I love colors of my tree. My tree is your tree.

The Rainbow Tree

I love how trees help people survive!

I Like Trees

I love trees because trees will give me food.

Playground Tree

This is a huge playground tree. There is a ladder that leads children to the first tree branch. In the leaves, there are two swings, one slide, one rocking horse, and a spinning wheel around the crown. There is also a baby tree(looks like a flower) on the right-hand side.

Treat trees with care and they will do the same

I like trees because they do so much for us and the earth.

Flower tree

I like pretty flowers and butterflies on trees.

Canopy Tree

Blue is the sky, green is the canopy tree and purple is the wind

Flower Tree

I drew this tree because I like the flowers on and under the tree.

The Perfect Tree

I drew a tree with me playing with it because I like trees a lot.

My Type of Tree

I drew this type of tree because I just thought of it.

Save Trees…Save Earth

Plant a memory…plant a tree…do it TODAY…for our next generation TOMORROW.

My Favorite Tree

I drew a tree because their big and colorful.