Danger caused by humans.

This picture describes human activities done and quick future about the environment. Humans cutting trees and it will increase global warning due to that large ice Berg’s will start melting so the penguins, seals and more animals will lost their homes and suffer with the extreme warm climate condition this may cause the extinction of animals who live in cold conditions
And by dumping waste materials and anchoring of ships and more consequences caused by humans will destroy coral reefs and starting destroying of coral reefs will not finish with one it will spread all over the coral reefs because their so sensitive living beings so it will affect aquatic animals basically their will be no sufficient oxygen produced to fish and new breeds will be less because their will no place keep eggs safe and protected
So increasing global warming and destroying coral reefs can literally destroy the whole ocean and there will be only spoiled water and dark deep ends remain as the ocean to witness for the future generation
These all activities are done by human as well as in the same way we can protect them so I will raise my sound with presenting.
And be aware this danger repacutions has already started.