Foxes hunting down our turtles

These foxes are hunting down our turtles! And also they are making some of our turtles extinct. It is very upsetting to me for I love turtles and their way of relaxing. For they are extremely beautiful and graceful as they glide across the ocean skies like a sea bird.

The soil is getting destroyed as more and more coal mines comes in digging up the ground and destroying animals habitats. As I understand, that is very bad, even though I am a kid. As I was saying, these coal mines are causing destruction and they are destroying their own home. As humans, they have to have the perfect balance between them and nature. And they are taking something they need to keep them safe. But they are also destroying their own home and the animals home as well. They do not understand that this is not our land. And this is what I call our Earth chain. If you do not have nature there is no humans. If there is no humans there is no animals. And if there is no animals there is no bugs and insects. Grubs as well and worms. And without those creatures there is no land. And without no land there is nothing. And these coal mines are not understanding that we do not own the land. The land owns us and we take care of our real mother, Mother Nature. To her we are her kids. That’s how I feel.

It is a poster of Fox Resources and that company is the Fox. The main part of my picture. It has the part of a digger, the scooper bit without the machine attached on to it, tied on to its back with coal inside it. And the Fox is digging up more coal. And the bits behind the paw what is bent, is sand to make it look like it’s flicking out sand. Behind is people paying the other person for catching animals in cages. And behind them is turtles. Different types of turtles with Xs on them. I’m sorry to say that I cannot spell extinct so I have just done an X if you will excuse to imagine that it says extinct next to the turtle. Behind those turtles is the ocean with coal falling down turning the ocean in to coal, dust, charcoal and soot. And also inside is dead sharks and all types of creatures. And that is my poster!