Happy now, What It will look like in future

On the left hand side of the page is the happy climate, where down below there are beautiful corals and animals (the crabs are trying to steal treasure!) and above, on the ice, there are two cute little penguins and different animals in it’s natural habitat. In the picture it’s snowing and everything looks happy. On the right hand side of the page I have drawn what I think it will look like in the future if we keeping making pollution and the climate keeps changing. Below the coral has turned into a rubbish heap and the seaweed is black and shredding. There is a toxic waste container that’s spilling greenly-yellow liquid everywhere. There is still a crab, but he’s running away, carrying a suitcase that’s spilling money everywhere. Also in the right hand side there are black dots and streaks which is sand burning from the boiling water. Above there is a small ice cube and a sign that says ‘Antarctica or what’s left!’ there is also an ocean liner with a lot of disappointed people with bathing suits on. There are floating dead fish and heat waves coming of the water. The ocean liner is creating a lot of pollution from the soot and the sun over head looks angry happy like it wants the sea to boil.