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Spinning wheel

Spinning wheel and season change



Ice station

Snow and ice science

Natural Antarctica

Saving Antarctica means saving the penguins.

Our reefs are dying!

My drawing shows the before and after effects of climate change and coral bleaching. When the reef dies the creatures die with it.

Save the Coral Reef

Look how clean the coral reef is when you don’t throw rubbish in it!

Save The Sea

My drawing shows some of the beautiful things we may lose.


My drawing is an oil pastel drawing of an isolated penguin. The penguin is crying because it’s home has been destroyed, and I have made the tear look like an melting ice berg.

Penguins End

It is about the end of the penguins home.

Penguin dreams of yesterday

A penguin is stuck on a small pice of ice and is dreaming of its past. The ice is melting and soon it will have no ice.

Crying Penguin

The penguin is a baby who is crying and tears are rolling down since the ice glacier has melted. The sun is shining high and the penguin has no ice to play and survive.

The little seal

The little seal

Penguin in panic

Antarctic has become a dessert and the penguin is in panic

Save Our Ocean’s Colour

My drawing shows some of the colours that can be seen in coral reefs, and I have shown how this is like a rainbow. Climate change could destroy this ocean rainbow, so people need to stop polluting the earth to try to stop this from happening.


Penguins are really cute and amazing animals that need to be protected. We need to look after the environment to slow down climate change, so that penguins still have somewhere to live.

Ocean Beauty

The coral reefs look beautiful with all of the colourful coral and fish, but they don’t look beautiful when the coral is bleached. It would be sad if it all got bleached and we lost the coral reefs and all of the sea life.

Help the Coral

The Greenhouse gas is seen in my picture destroying the coral with the help of the sun. Some fish and a lot of coral are dying and we need to stop polluting our world to stop this happening.

Save the coral reef

I want to save the coral reef because they give us food and if we did not have sea creatures we would not have crabs, fish, and other sea life.

Coral Dying

Fish are having to leave their homes because the coral reefs are dying. The white areas on the drawing are the reefs that are dying.




Antarctic is moving