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Tree Day

I drew trees because they save the planet. Without trees we would all die.

The Perfect Tree

I drew a tree because they are fun to play around with.

Tree house

Trees are amazing because you can do any thing with them you can climb them and make a tree house. But the main thing is it makes us breathe.

Trees give us air

We would not survive without trees so stop cutting them Down and grow them

Trees are beautiful

Trees are beautiful, don’t cut them down. The last two trees in the valley, dream trees for now.

Magic animal kingdom

It has animals,It is a forest🌳,The animals are one fox🦊 one sloth🦥 two bunnies 🐰 and one squirrel 🐿

Save Forest, Save Us

I would like to say with this PICTURE that we all living beings can only survive if we protect the forests!

Save the forest!

I just want to say how important trees are in our lives. this proves to us again with this eppedamie covid-19.

Save trees

For saving earth, I will grow more trees. To grow tree, I will care more.

A Beautiful Morning

A beautiful morning is a great beginning of a day…

Let us save our world

lets save our world plant more plants fill your garden with flowers, trees ,plants

Love the sea and save the sea animals

Let the sea animals to live freely without plastic.


I have drawn nature and we need to preserve it to have a cool Earth and good climate. I love nature and have drawn myself in the natures surrounding. How beautiful is our world.

The Magical King Tree

This artwork is about trees – our superheroes! Trees of the world help everyone. They help all the penguins and us too because they give us oxygen!

Nature at its best

The trees give us shade and keep the earth cool. I love the breeze that the trees give us. Birds can make them their home too.

My Treehouse

This is a picture of the treehouse in my garden.

Stop Climate Change

My drawing of a tree, standing on the Earth, is supposed to represent how carbon dioxide is changed to oxygen by trees.

Save the trees

The tree is giving shade to the girl reading the book. Trees are living things like us and we should not cut them.

Save marine life

Save the oceans,save the marine life for our future.

Save our penguins,Save our oceans,Save our sea lives…

We should save our penguins,coral reefs and sea lives…

Save penguins and marine life

Save the penguins and sea life..

The Environment Without pollution

The image shows the Beautiful world without pollution

Coral reefs and penguins

We should protect these beautiful natural resources.

Stop Global Warming

If we cut down trees ,the world will be warmer as a result the Ice in Antarctic and Arctic will get melted so stop global warming