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The coral reef

The scuba diver is taking a photo of the fish in the coral reef.

The coral reef

A turtle swimming in the ocean trying to catch a jellyfish.

The undersea world

We can make coral look beautiful again if we don’t litter the ocean.

The coral reef

No one’s littering the coral reef so all the animals and coral are staying alive.

The beautiful coral reef

Fish eating sea weed off the coral and seaweed flaoting around.

In a coral reef

All the animals that live in the ocean are hoping for a clean reef.

Coral in the Sea

A scuba diver is seeing the coral reef and looking for rare animals.

Global warming

Global warming is very dangerous to all species especially Antarctic animals. Our atmosphere is getting hotter by the minute, ice caps are melting, animals homes destroyed and it’s causing massive destruction to arctic or coral species.


Before the water got warmed the sharks are healthy. Afterwards, it’s dead.

Our coral reef are chipping away

The coral is being destroyed by humans mining it.

Save our animals natural habitat

It shows the coral reef before and after global warming. It shows icebergs breaking aways and mother and baby penguin being separated.

The amazing colours of coral

Beautiful coral before and after climate change.

Bea’s Penguin picture.

One penguin has a egg on its feet. Another has a baby penguin chick to look after while the mum goes to look for food while the baby penguin chick learns to walk in the snow. ❄️

What did the coral do to you to deserve this?

Coral reefs are being destroyed by litter from us. The coral never did anything to us to be treated this way.


From the global warming the piece of ice floated away with a penguin on it and now the penguin is lost and can’t find his family.

Coral Reed Destruction

One half shows when all the coral and grass was green and healthy and the other half is when humanity makes the reefs creep away by polluting the waters and chucking trash into the sea.

This is what happens!

Before global warming there were many colourful plants and animals. After a lot of global warming there is rubbish in the ocean and dead plants and animals.


One penguin jumps off the jump point to catch fish and once it comes up the jump point and his friend have disappeared. Only little bits of ice were left.

save the Penguins from Global Warming

It shows before and after global warming. Before there was lots of penguins on the ice, after there were smaller pieces of ice and less penguins.

Danger of Destruction

The coral reef is wearing away and all the fish are dying because the water is changing temperature. The Antarctic icebergs are breaking apart so the penguin lost his flock. The icebergs are getting smaller because the water is getting warmer and that means all the animals that need a rest wont get one.

Getting separated

A couple of penguins are on an iceberg that is being separated by the heat of the sun due to global warming.

Save the Penguins

The icebergs melt from global warming and it separates the baby penguins from their families.


Due to global warming many pieces of ice break off and float away. This happened while a penguin was on some ice. Humans can stop the green house gases coming out with a few changes to your daily life.

The big Coral Reef

The water is bleaching.