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Danger of Destruction

The coral reef is wearing away and all the fish are dying because the water is changing temperature. The Antarctic icebergs are breaking apart so the penguin lost his flock. The icebergs are getting smaller because the water is getting warmer and that means all the animals that need a rest wont get one.

Getting separated

A couple of penguins are on an iceberg that is being separated by the heat of the sun due to global warming.

Save the Penguins

The icebergs melt from global warming and it separates the baby penguins from their families.


Due to global warming many pieces of ice break off and float away. This happened while a penguin was on some ice. Humans can stop the green house gases coming out with a few changes to your daily life.

The big Coral Reef

The water is bleaching.

Save the Best Penguins

Two penguins on an iceberg that has cracked apart and the sun is making a giant iceberg melt with the rest of the penguins on.

Save Our Great Reefs

My drawing shows what our reefs should look like and what they once were.

Don’t let them break away

It shows when penguins were living when global warming wasn’t happening and how it is affecting them.

The Melting Ice

As the sun gets closer the ice starts to break and the penguins start to get extinct.

Save Them

As the sun comes closer it starts to get really hot and you can see the baby penguin is on the ice which has broken off.

Famous reefs are dying

The coral is bleaching because of climate change.

Save our breath taking reefs

One side is a healthy reef and the other side is an unhealthy reef. If we take care of it, it will end up still breathtaking.

Save me and the reef

The reef is dying and the ice is breaking away. All the fish are dying because there is no food left.

Save the Great Barrier Reef and penguins

My picture shows how the Great Barrier Reef looked before and after global warming. The picture above shows a penguin getting separated from his group because of the iceberg melting.

Save our reef, stop littering

We love our coral reef but some people think it is a big rubbish bin. We need to save our coral reef otherwise it will die.

Don’t make them die please

The penguins are on the ice and it is breaking away. They are separating from their family. The coral reef is dying because of us.

Save the penguins

This is what happens when you release green house gases.

Polar bear

The polar bear is a highly endangered species. They are majestic animals and we must ensure that we look after them and their environment.


Penguins are flightless birds. They have adapted flippers to help them swim in the water.

Don’t let this be our future

Global warming is affecting the environment and coral and animals are dying.

The world

This is the world

Blue and free

We have an Orca and a Tiger Shark and Octopus swimming in the sea. There is lots of different coloured coral and when the water gets too hot the coral turns white and will die and that’s called coral bleaching. It is not good for our reef or the sea animals and we have to…  Read More

This is what global warming causes

Global warming can cause this because it melts the ice and it kills animals. They can fall off the broken ice or they can be standing on the edge and it can break, sending the animal flying into the water.

The Emperor Dives

I love that penguins are good swimmers and can stay underwater for a long time. There are a lot of other animals that share the same environment as the penguins.