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We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono Print & Crayon

Bea’s penguins

Save the penguins. Stop puting rubbish in the wild. Save the penguins home. Stop the ice melting. Save the coral. By Bea

Ice is melting…

“The penguins will be sad if all the ice melts and they have no homes”.

It’s too hot!!!

“The sun is melting the penguin’s homes and they have no place to go. They need to leave their homes and jump into the water. The first penguin is saying ‘its too hot!!!’ and the other penguin is saying ‘Run!!!’

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayons

We Love OurCoral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

Colourful Penguin and Polarbear

I love most the chubby penguins and polar bears and want them to have lots of food to eat.

Look at that earth

Please start using saff for bad look what have done people.

Help before to late

Help now

My Earth Strongest!!

Love the greenery on Earth which is getting industrialised..leading to pile up of Carbon monoxide/ dioxides suffocating the earth a little too much to global warming..

Upset Penguin

A comic about a penguin who is mad at the humans for melting Antarctica.

When the ice bergs are gone

IN my drawing, the polar bear has lost its home and is forced to swim.

Tears of Antarctica

The animals of Antarctica are watching their home melting. They are sad and they cannot do anything to stop the disaster. I wish I have the power to freeze the ice for them. Let’s wake up and stop the pollution.

Heart of the Sea

I would love to save the baby fishes under the sea. Because I love to swim into the sea and watch their beautiful colors when they are swimming. I love to swim with the starfish, Let’s save them and protect them with all our heart.

Global warming

Climate change is happening !!! Global warming is happening !!! The earth is getting heat up by gases emitted by cars, aeroplanes, trucks, ships etc. The solution to solve this problem is by driving less and walking more and eating local produce.

Before global warming

This drawing represents when there were ice caps and floating icebergs everywhere, but now because of greenhouse gases causing global warming these animals’ habitats are decreasing and these creatures will die.

The Truth

The letters spelling help are slowly melting down as the sun gets hotter.And the coral is beautiful and full of life on one side and bleached and dead on the other.This is showing what happens when global warming happens over the Artic amd the coral reef.

Climate change

This drawing is about how gases can effect the sea and other stuff