Trees of Hope

We the current generation should be planting more “Trees of Hope” to ensure a sustainable living for the decades to come.

Not only should we plant trees, but we must also aim towards Eco-Friendly Living, Reduction of Carbon Emission and Maintaining Responsible Businesses.

To attain eco-friendly living, we should use an electronic device such as our phones, gaming consoles to the maximum and not just replace them every time a new one comes out. E-Waste and other such wastes go to the landfill which is harmful to the environment.

Electricity is mostly produced from burning of fossil fuels. Over-consumption of electricity contributed to increased carbon emission.

Business owners can maintain responsible businesses by including Eco-Friendly and biodegradable substances in their products.

If we take care of the bare minimum and stop ourselves from harming nature further, nature will recover itself including the penguins and coral reefs but for that, we need to be mindful about our actions, and help in the recovery of the nature in every viable way we can.

After investing our efforts, we will see results in many different forms.