2018 Contest

Save Our Ocean Beauty

My drawing depicts a naturally pretty reef and its state if it were affected by global warming.

Breaking Away

I want to save the penguins and their habitat from climate change.

Keep Coral Reefs Alive

I want to keep the animals that live in the reefs alive.

How To Help

If we take these steps we can reduce climate change. Riding bikes will reduce air pollution, keeping our trees, cleaning the earth will help reduce our carbon footprint.

Too much oil and warming

This is a drawing of what is happening to our world with warming and oil spills these are the things that go on every day.


The coral and bear symbolise that both hot and cold climates are affected by global warming, and the aurora symbolises the bright future we can achieve.

All the colours will be gone

All the colours will gone. I love snorkeling and I will be very sad when all the reefs are bleached and the fish have moved away because the water is warming up.

Reefs are dying

Reefs are dying As the sea gets warmer, corals are bleaching and fish are moving away. We will be affecting tourism because fish will move away so snorkeling will be terrible. I feel terrible that the sea will not be as colourful as it is if all the corals are bleached.


I think the corals are beau-ti-ful ! and… I want to save ANTARCTICA!!! Laetitia

Penguin City

I love penguins the most. When penguins jump up from swimming, it’s so cool.

How cute are penguins

The penguins 🐧 ice is slowly disappearing because of global warming. My picture is showing only one ☝️ iceberg as the oyhet melted

Snorkeling to enjoy the sea’s diversity

Olivia is an 8 years old girl who loves swimming to discover different species of sea creatures. She wishes we collectively used less plastic to protect the dolphins and sea turtles she loves!

Under the Sea

The thing I like about the coral reef is how colourful it is.

The hot coral

It’s getting to hot so the smart coral wears six hats and sun glasses

Save the penguins!

I love penguins and I want to help them

Penguin in spring

My penguin is enjoying flowers, butterflies and sun in spring.

Coral reef

It has sea animals coral and some seaweed

The Ocean Spirit

This drawing shows how beautiful the coral reef is with interesting and pretty fish, and I like all the rocks.

Snowflakes to save Santa’s home

The North Pole is melting.  I drew snowflakes to help save Santa’s home.

Penguin on Melting Ice

This penguin clings to a last piece of melting ice in Antarctica.