2021 Contest

Enjoying Nature

I love trees because they are great to put a swing on them or sitting on the branches to have a girls club.

Prep’s Earth Trees

Trees grow for us.

Prep’s Earth Trees

Trees grow for us.

The platypus and his friends

The platypus lives in the river the trees help to make clean air and give the platypus somewhere to hide

The platypus and the turtle

The platypus and the turtle live in the river. The trees and water make sure they can stay alive

Life at the river

All the animals that live at the river need the trees to survive for fresh air and for shelter

The Trees Of Canada.

This is a maple tree. To me it means happiness because the colours are warm. PS: I used “Paint 3d” to make it.

Cuiden las plantas y respeten a los animales [Take care of the plants and respect the animals]

Bu bu bu , la tierra está llorando. Llora porque esta muy enferma. Los otros planetas ofrecen su ayuda pero luego se les olvida. Una nave espacial graba todo y logra que los habitantes entren en razón y separen la basura practicando la regla de las 3 R. Cuiden la tierra y respeten a los…  Read More

Tree Dreaming

I love trees because they give us air to breath and stay alive and they are what makes up a beautiful forest.

The Tree and Me

I love living in a place surrounded by trees. Trees make me happy and healthy.

The Last Tree

We are losing trees everyday because people chop them down to make new, fancy things. We need trees, please help protect them.

Life without trees

When I am bored, I like to look at trees. I think about life without trees and how horrible it would be.

The Owl Tree

It is night time and the owls come out and play on the tree and look for food. But with out the tree the owls will get bored.

Lightbulb Tree

This drawing is inspired by a tree next to my house every day we go and play on it climb swing on the branches and have picnics. I don’t want the tree to die or get cut down so save the trees!

The Wisest of Trees

I like that trees create shade and comfort you. Being around trees is a nice and peaceful way to calm down.

Planting trees

Trees are our best friend.  They help us in different ways.  I love them very much.  I like plantation.  It makes me happy.  I spend a quality time in the garden.  In this drawing, I want to show my feelings about trees.

Super trees

Means trees are being killed when they help us a lot help trees push through the cement WOOOOOOOOOOW

Fire Trees

I love trees because they are good for our earth and good for me.

Tree of Dreaming Colours

My picture shows how important trees are to add colour and life to our world. Please help us to protect them.

Trees Colour our World

Trees bring adventure to me, beautiful colours and most importantly air. We must take care and stop destroying them.

Love Trees

I love trees because they are helpful to us and all animals and they also help Antarctica to not melt.

It’s not that hard!

Trees mean the world to me because they help me breathe. It is really not that hard for us to plant more trees, just do it!

Tree of Life

We can pollute the world all we like, but if we want to ensure our world is thriving, we must stop and think. We must take action, as climate change is creeping up on us.

The LuLu Bell Tree

I love trees, I see them everywhere and they make me happy. They are special to me like my sister LuLu.