2021 Contest

Another World

A penguin from our world comes through a portal on a mountain and looks out over a coral destroyed world with trees made of coral.

Favourite tree

I drew a pohutakawa tree for my aunty Lorraine because I thought it would be nice.

Nature is Unstoppable

The tree represents all the living plants and how they could be healthy. The mouse and the bird represent all living beings. The cloud represents the water and natural weather. Thank you for doing this and helping the environment by planting trees.

I love trees

My drawing shows that you shouldn’t cut down trees because lots of animals live there. It also shows that trees have been around since the dinosaurs.


I feel that this title is fitting as that’s what the trees signify for me, even after all we have put them through they continue to keep us and many other creatures alive. This is shown in the bright colours used to paint the tree compared to the Grey’s,browns and blacks it eventually fades into…  Read More

I love trees

I love trees because they take away carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air.

The Meaning of Life

Our trees give us air to breath which gives us life.

Tree Umbrella

I drew a coral reef and an umbrella of trees protecting it. We have lots of penguins here in the Falklands but not many trees. My family has planted some trees to try and help the earth.

Mother Nature

Trees are home to lots of animals. Trees give us tools. Trees give us air to breath. Trees give us life.

The Mighty Trees of Earth

My drawing represents how lucky we are to have trees on our planet. Our trees have super powers, they give us life.

The final view

Peaceful.  In the swing hanging from a leafy tree overlooking the forests beyond.  Let this not be the final view.

I love big green trees

I love big green trees.  They make oxygen for me to breathe and are fun to climb.

Good versus Bad

On the left is the good side:  blue sky, green trees and grass and a house with a solar panel roof.  On the right, we have the bad side.  The last tree left on earth is burning and is already charcoal, a big factory is pluming out smoke pollution, and the sky is grey and…  Read More