2021 Contest

Savarnah’s Love of Tree Colours

I love trees because of all their colours. It makes me feel like a “rainbow”.

Eleanor’s Tree

Trees make me happy…They make our world beautiful.

We count on trees

This is more like a question, do you want to breathe?

The odd one out

A tree that is lonely because his friends have been cut down

Nathan’s Trees

The swing is on the tree. I like to go high!

Ruby’s Trees

I like trees cos of the swing. I like to go up and down, not round and round! Ruby 3yrs 9mths

Tree House Fun

I love playing in a tiny house up in a tree with a picnic basket next to the tree. Wildlife surrounding the tree in all directions. Also you can find lots of Easter eggs in the tree because it has many branches coming out so its easy to hide them.

The Swing Tree

Swing, swing. I read on the swing of the tree and feel the breeze going through my hair.

Save the trees

I love trees because I love to climb on them, swing on them and build tree houses in them. There is lots of wild life in trees and everybody loves trees.

A Tree of Life

I love trees because they produce oxygen for us. I also love climbing them, reading under them and looking at the animals living in them.

Cool Tree

This is a girl standing by a tree. Because I love to clime trees and to swing on trees.

Summer day

The drawing is about me sitting under my favourite tree in the beating heat of the summer.

The Outback

were birds and animals can live in the hot sunny life

Amazing Trees

I love trees because they are home to lots of animals and they also help with climate change. I love trees!

The Climbing Tree

Trees are the best because they are the best for climbing and without them we wouldn’t have fun and we would die.

The swing on a tree

When me and my friends go on a walk to the field there is always a swing that we love to play on and have a picnic sometimes,while the sunsets.

Trees create air

Trees are important because they produce clean air for us to breathe

Autumn tree

I loved the challenge of drawing a tree and pushing myself to draw them better. Trees are awesome.

My favorite tree

I like to play near trees. o ni always give shade that allows you to cool down in the hot weather. in rainy weather, they save you from a little rain.

Hannah’s tree

I used a drawing app to create a tree with all my favourite colours on, my tree also has extra things on it like rosses and poppies! I love to draw and I really love caring for our world.

We need shade to dance

Shade from the tree contributes to tirelessness dancing. They provide air in the space

My ancestors tree

Baobab tree gives us fruits. It absorves carbon dioxide that destroys ozone layer

The tree and river water

Trees hold river water to not evaporate rapidly. I, my parents and animals depend on this water

Our Niassa Trees, our life

This tree gives me air to breath and shade to seat under.