2021 Contest

Rain Rain Rain

Rain helps everything to grow and is important for our little trees.

The last tree standing

I love that the trees cool the earth! Please don’t cut them down!

The picnic

Without good air to breathe picnics would be awful. Thanks trees.


S.O.S. We love that our trees help our penguins to live! Our earth needs to be cooled so that the penguins remain cool!

My tree

Trees are awesome as they have the power to change the world.

Save the earth

I love that our trees help save the penguins by giving life to the ocean.

A forest

Forests are important!

Save the trees and coral reefs – it’s our responsbility

My picture shows how the earth should look and not how it does. The trees cool the earth and not only give us an abundance of beauty, they breathe life into the ocean and help create beautiful coral reefs! It’s our generation who need to save the world!

A forest

The more forested land we have the better air quality and less pollution there is.

A bird in a tree

Without trees birds would have nowhere to live.

Embrace Nature for Brighter Future

My art attempts to depict that there is hope to reverse Climate Change with humans embracing/handshaking with Nature in every decision we take. As trees help the ocean life blossom! With this approach, I think best days of humankind are ahead of us.

The lungs of the earth

I love that the trees are the lungs of the earth and breathe life into all of our coral reefs and oceans. They are the beating heart of the planet!

Trees are the heart of life on Earth

I love that trees give oxygen to so many different beautiful plants and animals on Earth. My drawing makes me feel happy because I care for the Earth.

Expectation vs Reality

I did ‘expectation vs reality’ because we should have the world we want as an expectation but instead we trash it and it becomes a dangerous reality. I love that the trees cool the earth and wish that our reality was as beautiful as the natural cycle.

Save our trees

Our trees save our planet, please save our trees! They cool it by absorbing dangerous gases and making us have a better future!

The mansion

Live in a tree and breathe the cleanest air.

Clean air

Clean air is important. Plant more trees.

A penguin

A penguin deserves to eat krill so plant more trees and clean up this pollution.

Help trees, they help us

Help the trees then the ice won’t melt so much and the water won’t heat up and destroy the coral! Our trees can help save the planet!


The more trees we have the better quality air we have and the healthier our planet is.

Save the trees

Our penguins are keeping it cool and I love that the trees keep the earth cool too! Our trees breathe life into all the world.

Fly a kite

With good quality air I can fly a kite. Thanks trees!

Save our wildlife friends!

I love how the lungs of the world keep our oceans and penguins alive. Our trees are nature’s finest gift and breathe life into the reefs!!

We Penguins cannot do it ALONE!

My art mainly depicts about how our ecosystem is based on one another. Penguins are destroyed in a day-to-day manner, we can help save them by planting trees and keeping our atmosphere clean so that we can reduce Global Warming which leads to saving many lives that we have once destroyed.