Age 11-13

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayons

We Love OurCoral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

We Love Our Coral Reefs

Mono print & crayon

Upset Penguin

A comic about a penguin who is mad at the humans for melting Antarctica.

When the ice bergs are gone

IN my drawing, the polar bear has lost its home and is forced to swim.

Before global warming

This drawing represents when there were ice caps and floating icebergs everywhere, but now because of greenhouse gases causing global warming these animals’ habitats are decreasing and these creatures will die.

The Truth

The letters spelling help are slowly melting down as the sun gets hotter.And the coral is beautiful and full of life on one side and bleached and dead on the other.This is showing what happens when global warming happens over the Artic amd the coral reef.

Climate change

This drawing is about how gases can effect the sea and other stuff

What is global warming doing to our planet?’

I drew this picture because I hate littering, especially in the ocean.


I chose a simple metaphor to express the disaster global warming and the effect it has on our climate. Decreasing ice on our poles has a grave effect for all animals and their habitats. I chose to portray this by using a penguin, sadly looking at an ice-cream as it slowly melts away, symbolising our…

Shopping Bags

There are too many shopping bags and other plastic rubbish in our oceans destroying the beautiful coral reef.


Millions of plastic waste is washed into sea, affecting sea life. Our beautiful waterways are being threatened, and only we can make a change.

Reduce Recycle Then Reproduce Marine Life

My artwork has some jellyfish and a hammerhead shark on it I like it because it has a great slogan “Reduce, recycle then them reproduce marine life.

We Don’t Need Plastic

We Don’t Need to Use the Plastic which ends up in our oceans and destroys the corals and marine life.

Rubbish Kills

Rubbish kills

Reduce Resuse Recycle

My artwork is a picture of many different water animals surrounding coral, with the Slogan: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. To create the artwork, I have used watercolour paint and blended in many colors to create a realistic look and increase the luminescence of the artwork.

Reduce Plastic Waste

My art work is about reducing plastic waste. I drew a coral reef to represent the beauty of the reef so people save it.



Before and After

My artwork has a healthy reef with fish and alive coal on the left and then on the right has dead coal a bottle, tyre, wire, container, straw, plastic bag and a bottle cap. This is the way the earth is going if we don’t stop polluting.

I have rights too!

My art represents coral and how they have a home just like ours and that they most definitely have rights too. Even though coral just looks like any ordinary plant it is actually a living and breathing creature like we are. My message that is put forward ties to make people understand that the beautiful…

Before and after coral bleaching

The Great Barrier Reefs coral is continuing to suffer bleaching due to climate change impacts and icecaps melting. This is an irreversible and devastating effect on our nature