Age 11-13


I like trees because they provide homes for animals.

Climate Change is real

I love trees because they help fight this battle with climate change. They do this taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen int the air. I think it’s very important to stop cutting trees down and start planting trees.

Trees Help The World

Trees are beautiful and bring colour to the world. Without trees, the world will be dull, grey and boring. Trees also help to hold the Earth by pumping precious oxygen into the air.


I love trees because they give me bananas.

Shade and oxygen, they give us

I love trees because they give us shade and oxygen.

Sustain life

I truly believe that trees provide and sustain life and they are a gorgeous member of our earth.


I love trees because they provide shelter.


I like trees because they are resilient and bounce back even after being cut

Protection and Survival

I like trees because they protect our environment and give us oxygen to help us survive.

The Future Is What We Make!

Looking at the world through the eyes of a Thirteen year old. Trees are our saving grace are they not? They provide us with food, shade, air to breathe and act as an air conditioning unit to the entire planet. We swim through the blue waters along with all this marine life that thrives due…  Read More

The sound of a tree

I love the sound of a tree’s leaves blowing in the wind.


Trees provide life.

The world is in our hands

I love that trees help slow climate change, the more trees we plant the longer we can keep seeing our beautiful coral reefs. However we also have to reduce the about of emissions we produce.

Justin Skirving

Trees give us oxygen.

Charlotte Khorshid

I love trees because they are so resilient and beautiful, Rising through any challenge that hits them.

Trees Hold Up Our Earth

I have sketched in coral reef, fish, penguin and icebergs using the leaves of the trees, with the penguin holding the earth. I did this to show that the coral reef and its aquatic animals and icebergs and its penguins all rely on trees to live and exist. The penguin holding earth up high is…  Read More

Cool the Earth

Cool the Earth so that trees and animals don’t die like the dinosaurs did.

Don’t let trees become extinct

It happened to dinosaurs but we don’t want our trees to disappear too.

Birds need trees too

Without trees to make our air clean birds and all the animals will suffer.

Be a super hero

Be a super hero and save the trees. Our planet needs heaps of heroes if we want to save it.

Animals need trees

Without trees animals will be in a world of trouble and that includes humans

Animals love trees

Animals and trees coexist.

A tree is good

If 1 tree is good then what can 100,000,000 trees do for our environment?

Rain Rain Rain

Rain helps everything to grow and is important for our little trees.