Age 11-13

Trees and Penguin

This is a picture of a penguin looking at a tree in a polluted world

I’m a tree penguin (don’t ask)

a penguin in a tree.

the penguin in glasses saving our trees

my drawing is a penguin standing next to a tree in the night star. My penguin is guarding a tree that he played on when he was younger so he is trying to protect it from people trying to cut it down.


A Tree

Penguin and tree thingy

Good, allright, Climatic, interesting

lonely tree

this shows that all trees have fallen down except this one tree

Save The Trees, Penguins and Coral

I used 3d images from Paint3D and painted over them to make it more unique. I used penguins, trees and coral to show the importance of trees to life such as coral and penguins.


It’s like a penguin in a tree but like a tree trunk.



save the trees

a factory is making pollution and the tree is turning the pollution into oxygen.

save the trees save thye penguins

my drawing is a tree in the snow saying a message save the trees save the penguins i really like the message that your speeding in hope that we will get more healthy trees you visited my school and it inspired me thankyou

Save The Trees

It is a picture of the sun smiling down at a tree, there are clouds in the sky and some birds in the background.

The penguin pacifist

My drawing is about a pacifist penguin swinging on a tree to say “don’t cut it down! “


pengu is saving trees

Penguin Power

There are two cool penguins that are guarding a small tree from an angry penguin that wants to break the poor little tree.

pengu pengu

its pengu using ultimate power to save tree

Save green save life

Trees are the best gift of nature to the human beings. we cannot ignore the important of trees.

Play Tree

I love trees because trees play with me. They calm me when I’m sad. They give me life. I love Trees!

Unique Tree

I love trees because they help us be happy, like when you go to the beach on a hot day and all you want is shade or when you smell the lovely smells they give to our planet. The name for my tree is Unique Tree.

Smaller Leafy Tree] and Big Leafy Tree

I believe trees are worth saving because they allow life to thrive, life to be unhappy and enjoyable. They keep everyone happy, healthy and content.

Life of Trees

I think we should keep our trees because animals in the environment like to rest in trees. So, Protect our Environment!

Tree of Life

I love trees because they give native animals a home. They give oxygen to the world. Trees are life.

Trick Tree

I love trees (especially figs) because you can climb them, stick swings, yoga swings, trapezes, rope swings and more. I love doing all these things and trees help me do it for they give me air so I can breathe and stay alive to do these things.

Gum Tree

My favourite tree is a gum tree because it is home for all animals. My painting is made with dirt paint because trees need to have dirt to live and thrive.