Age 11-13

The picnic

Without good air to breathe picnics would be awful. Thanks trees.

My tree

Trees are awesome as they have the power to change the world.

A forest

Forests are important!

A forest

The more forested land we have the better air quality and less pollution there is.

A bird in a tree

Without trees birds would have nowhere to live.

Clean air

Clean air is important. Plant more trees.

A penguin

A penguin deserves to eat krill so plant more trees and clean up this pollution.


The more trees we have the better quality air we have and the healthier our planet is.

Fly a kite

With good quality air I can fly a kite. Thanks trees!

We Penguins cannot do it ALONE!

My art mainly depicts about how our ecosystem is based on one another. Penguins are destroyed in a day-to-day manner, we can help save them by planting trees and keeping our atmosphere clean so that we can reduce Global Warming which leads to saving many lives that we have once destroyed.

Coral reef

Corals need trees to provide the best air quality so that they can thrive.


I like trees because they are full of lovely green leaves and it’s a great place to have a picnic and a good place to have shelter. I also like trees because you can get fruit from the trees.

Stop climate change

Trees are important because they bring oxygen to the Earth and reduce climate change. Trees can help save the coral reefs and the penguins by keeping the heat away from the ocean and cool the Earth.

Magic trees

I think trees are extremely important because they take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen to help us breathe. They are a huge contribution to fighting climate change. They cool the Earth to change the climate.

Trees for us

I like trees because when we play football and we are hot they provide shade for us. I also like trees because they breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen which helps our environment.

Stop climate change

Trees are important because they reduce climate change and give us oxygen so we can live. They also give us food to live. Trees can help save coral reefs and penguins by keeping the waters cool and stopping the ice turn to water.

Save the trees

Trees are important they give us oxygen and habitats for animals.


My tree has cool colours as trees help cool the Earth.

The cycle of death and rebirth

My drawing is a representation of the cycle of death and rebirth for trees each year. In Summer, trees are healthy. In Autumn, they begin to wither away. In Winter, they die completely, and in Spring, they are reborn. The cycle then repeats.

Tree top tree house

I painted this picture because it shows that you can do many things with trees like make a swing or birds can make nests. You can also build a tree house and trees also give us oxygen to live.

Mr beast

I like trees because they give us oxygen and helps live

Banksia Home

I think trees are cool because they help us in many ways, with breathing, food, medicine and shade. Being around trees always makes me feel better.

Team trees

Trees are important to our world because they give us oxygen and take away the c2o trees are important because they give us air

Stop climate change

I think trees are important because they give us air to live so we don’t die and we give the trees air for them to live