Age 11-13

Save the polar bears

The drawing depicts a reclused polar bear in the midst of the Artics which manifests the actuality of climate change and the need to save species that are being affected by its adversity.

Save the Reef

This is my art entry to help save the reef. I created this because in our class we learnt about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and only through that I realised how bad it is.

Save the Reef

Save the reef

The Reef Has Feelings Too

My artwork was inspired by the concerned citizens of the world explaining how we should all stop using plastic and save our reef.

Care About Coral

My artwork is about the coral reef. I made it colourful to express the beauty and life that we could lose.

Save the Reef. It has rights too! It has a life too!

My painting shows and explores the magical colours of our incredible reef. Our reef has a life and rights just like us. IF WE DESERVE A LIFE THEN SO DOES THE REEF. Save the Reef Now.

You Can Help

You can help

Shopping Bags

There are too many shopping bags in the oceans and ruining the reefs.

Save the Reef

Save the reef by using less plastic and power. They are living too.

Do You Still Want Our Reef?

I think that people don’t notice how special our reef is. The government should have more funding for wind turbines, hydro power and solar power.

Finlay says: “Don’t be a Killer, Be a Winner”

I believe we need to save the world from this global crisis that is attacking our waterways and oceans. Everyone can help, even just doing little things like quitting plastic straws can make a difference.

Save the Reef

My artwork is about non-polluting humans. You can see that we should use sailing ships not cruisers. It is about having a reef that everyone can see. Save the Reef and work together . We need everyone to stop this disaster.

A Sad Goodbye

My drawing shows how the ice is melting as Earth’s climate gets warmer. The icecaps are breaking off which effects the wildlife. My drawing is showing how the mother penguin is crying as she is being pulled apart from her family. The sky is firey! The water is beginning to look turbulent. Obviously the penguin…

Save the Survivors

We need to save the remaining survivors of coral and animals in the Great Barrier Reef before it turns into a reef of nothing. We need to stop polluting.

Save the Reef

Get rid of plastic . The world will be fantastic.

Please Reuse

My artwork is about what the reef looks like when it is not polluted. If we use less plastic or use it over and over again we can keep the reef looking fabulous.

Stop reef bleaching and global warming

I penguin that has drifted away from the ice because the ice melted then it is swiming away from the bleached reef

Caution! Falling Ice!

The drawing is of a confused penguin looking into the water, trying to find where all of its ice went.

Save Our Eco System

Before and after our climate change.

Save my kids!!!!!!!

Penguin is requesting to save her kids and coral reefs are requesting not to destroy them. I have mentioned ways in which we can do it. Let’s do it together. We can.

Our penguins are in hot water!

Our beautiful environment is melting away! Help save our penguins and coral.

Think about everything, suffering

My drawing shows two animals. One is a seal, it looks happy but surrounding it is dead coral. My other image is a Polar bear, it has a single piece of ice behind it and only one fish. I am trying to show that coral bleaching and climate change doesn’t only affect the ocean but…

Coral Bleaching, It’s happening…

Coral Bleaching, it’s happening… Climate change is affecting us, our environment and all the poor sea creatures. My drawing shows the dramatic changes we are having on our environment, we can help save our sea creatures and corals piece by piece, person by person.

Grey Earth

Our drawing shows some things causing global warming and the effects it has on coral and penguins.