Age 5-7

A forest

A forest is made up of trees.

A forest

A forest is important

My playtime under the tree!

That’s me playing under the tree on a swing.

Cherry Blossom Trees

I love cherry blossom trees because they have beautiful flowers, and some birds love them too.

Diya Abhay C – Grade 1C NPS

Without trees we wont have fresh air. Trees provide food, protection and home to birds and mammals.

My Grandfather Tree Takes Care of Me

My old tree is a grandfather tree. Just like a grandfather, he takes care of me, my animal friends and the environment. My grandfather tree cools the earth and makes oxygen for my animal friends and I to breathe. Most of all I love spending time with my grandfather tree on my swing enjoying the…  Read More

Save Our Trees, Save Our Future

I love trees because we can hang on them, swing on them , have a picnic and play hide and seek. We need to take care of our trees for us children who are the future.

Lets save beautiful lives of penguins

My best friends are trees and I love them a lot also if we plant more and more trees we can save the lives of our penguins…

Tree Page

This is a tree giving a person protection.

Plants and a jellyfish

I thought it looked cool. Trees and jellyfish help the world.

Trees Trees Trees

My favorite thing about trees is that there’s homes for animals and food for us. Animals and humans won’t survive without trees.

Shade is Bad For Trees

I drew about how the shade from one tree blocked another. Both trees get sunlight and are good.


Birds flying, chipmunks chattering, trees growing high.

What are titles?

Has a shark, fireant, octopus, seawead, and dolphin. And also a jellyfish.

Me in a fruit tree

I like the trees because fruit grows on them.

Cool Tree

It looks like a Christmas tree. It has a lot of plantses.

Me and a Tree

Me standing under a tree and it’s raining


I like seaweed because lots of animals depend on it and I like the colors. My daddy showed me how to draw those fishes.


My sister can draw anything. She helps me.

My Tree

Trees Make Oxygen for Us. Please Don’t Cut Them Down.

Save penguins and the coral reefs

There are 4 happy penguins and the coral reefs and a polar bear.

Trees come in all sizes

Trees come in all shapes and sizes but they are all important.

Trees make me smile

Trees make me smile because they are beautiful.

Trees are good

Trees are good in forests.