Age 5-7

Save Trees, Be their friends.

What I love most about trees is that they always make me happy when I see them. I love how squirrels and birds live in there and make the trees look so beautiful. In morning when I hear the birds sing from those trees it make me more energetic.

A little boys garden

A little boys garden, flourishing, with a big healthy tree at the centre of it.

Forest Adventure – Love and Play with Nature

This is Forest Adventure in Bedok in Singapore. This is in the midst of the beautiful Bedok Reservoir Park. Kids and Adults love to come and play here.

Picnic under a tree

This is a picture of me with my mom and dad and my best friend Niva on a picnic in the garden under the tree. I love enjoying with my family and friends in the fresh air and shade under a tree and hence we should plant more trees.

My big tree

I love playing under a tree. I skip, jump, climb and swing. When I’m tired, I take shelter and I can hear birds chirping happily.

Tree swing and family

I enjoy spending my time playing tree swing with my family.

Palm Trees

Save our palm trees for a better life in the future.


I love playing under the tree as I can see so many beautiful birds sitting n singing on the tree. Tree give us fresh air to breathe and Helps reduce the air pollution.

Colors on Green, So Serene.

I feel so happy and excited when I visit a place with lots of tress, plants and flowers. I love watching the colorful flowers and the green trees everywhere.

They grow

I like trees because they grow.

Makers of Air

We breathe because the trees make our air. Even in the outback you breathe the air the trees make. So, take care of the trees because they give life.

The Tree

This is my picture, one tree has lost all the leaves. I love that they give us oxygen!

Tree of Life

A tree gives us life. It produces oxygen which we breathe. It keeps the earth cool. Let’s save trees!

Felix Gray

Trees give us cubbies to play in and homes for all the animals.


Trees…help us stay alive, they give us food and shelter and air. They make great homes for animals. They can even make perfect clothes and cubbies and give us fruit, veggies and nuts. The roots of trees protect our land.

Liv Thwaites

This is my tree it is home to all the animals.

Trees are the heart of life on Earth

I love that trees give oxygen to so many different beautiful plants and animals on Earth. My drawing makes me feel happy because I care for the Earth.

Trees and Swings

I drew a tree with a swing on it because I like trees and swings.

Stop erosion

Tree roots help to stop erosion.

A tree

A tree likes sun and rainbows.

A tree

A tree is good for the environment.

Trees are good

Trees are good for the environment.

A storm

Trees give us protection from storms.

A shady tree

Trees are great as shade for picnics.