2021 Contest

Sea creatures

Ocean is the house of beautiful sea creatures. Protect our environment for a better life.

Save the trees

Save the trees. We need a better environment.

Lets together preserve our mother nature.

My drawing describes the beauty of the lives of penguins and the spectacular colours and the beauty of the sea bed and the coral reefs…

Save the blue ocean

Save the blue ocean home of many sea creatures.

Kiran’s Tree of Life

What I like about trees is that you can climb them and make tree houses and lots of different animals live in them. They provide shade when its’ too hot outside and they give off oxygen so that we can breathe and be alive.

The earth rests in our hands

I love that the trees keep our oceans and all the animals & coral in it healthy, so we can learn about them and enjoy seeing them.

My Tree Swing

I love playing tree swing with my family and friends. Stop cutting trees. Let’s create beautiful memory with them.

Save the Earth

The trees help us breathe and we wouldn’t be here today without trees.

Blue Ocean

Blue ocean is the house for many sea creatures. Protect them to save mother earth.

My dream tree house

This is my dream tree house. Help me to achieve my dream. Stop cutting trees.

Happy Penguin

Help create a better environment for Happy Penguin. Stop destroying trees.

Penguin & Tree

Stop cutting down the trees. Penguin need safe environment too.

Beautiful Blue Ocean

Protect our beautiful blue ocean by saving the trees.

What I Wish

He has tried to show the two aspects, one is the current condition where coral and penguins are dying because of cutting of trees and increase in temperature and the second one is what he wish if we start growing trees. It will beautify the nature, corals will be back and glaciers melting will reduce…  Read More

Air is given

I love trees because they bring air to this beautiful world.

Protect penguins

A child wonders what will happen to his favorite animal (penguin) in scenes such as deforestation, air pollution from vehicles, pollution of the sea by ship oil, and burning of ships.


I like trees because of life.

Save Our Planet

Save our planet by protecting our trees.

Trees are Fun

Trees are great for swinging in.

Trees are important

Trees are important for animal life.

Trees and me

I love trees because they give us air and help us to live and breathe. I love playing in the long grass under the trees.


I like trees because you can relax around them.

Seasonal Tree

No matter what trees are important in all seasons.


Treehouses are fun. Trees can provide oxygen and shade.