2021 Contest

A little boys garden

A little boys garden, flourishing, with a big healthy tree at the centre of it.

The Big Tree

I love big tree. Tree add beauty to my garden.

Trees of Hope

We the current generation should be planting more “Trees of Hope” to ensure a sustainable living for the decades to come. Not only should we plant trees, but we must also aim towards Eco-Friendly Living, Reduction of Carbon Emission and Maintaining Responsible Businesses. To attain eco-friendly living, we should use an electronic device such as…  Read More

Forest Adventure – Love and Play with Nature

This is Forest Adventure in Bedok in Singapore. This is in the midst of the beautiful Bedok Reservoir Park. Kids and Adults love to come and play here.

Trees and penguins

My picture conveys the contrast between having trees and not having trees and their impact on penguins.

Picnic under a tree

This is a picture of me with my mom and dad and my best friend Niva on a picnic in the garden under the tree. I love enjoying with my family and friends in the fresh air and shade under a tree and hence we should plant more trees.

My big tree

I love playing under a tree. I skip, jump, climb and swing. When I’m tired, I take shelter and I can hear birds chirping happily.


Penguin is a cute animal. Protect mother earth so it is save from extinction.

Every Single Tree Counts!!!

My drawing stresses on the importance of every single tree. Every single tree planted or saved contributes to a better future for all living things.

Plant the trees and protect the earth

Lets save the earth.we need to protect the penguins .we net plant trees and do not cut trees.We need to protect the sea and do not put garbage in to the sea .we net to protect the environment .

Tree swing and family

I enjoy spending my time playing tree swing with my family.

Tree is important.

Trees are important for us. It is also the habitat for birds and other living creatures.

Ocean blue

Help protect mother earth so that our future generation will be able to enjoy the blue ocean.

Baby Shark

Baby shark needs a better environment to breath. Safe baby shark and friends from extinction.

Beautiful Blue Ocean

I love the beautiful blue ocean. Stop destroying mother earth.

Palm Trees

Save our palm trees for a better life in the future.

Safe the sea

We need better environment to protect the sea creatures.


I love playing under the tree as I can see so many beautiful birds sitting n singing on the tree. Tree give us fresh air to breathe and Helps reduce the air pollution.

“Apple Shake”

Reminiscing times when I would try to stand below trees or shake trees to catch some fruits

Trees save you when you save them

Trees that protects Coral reefs and it in-return saves and protects the penguins by removing the carbon dioxide that destroys the coral reefs and snatches the krills ( Penguins food) .

Beautiful Trees

Trees are as beautiful as eyes can see. Protect them so we can more beautiful scenery.

Colors on Green, So Serene.

I feel so happy and excited when I visit a place with lots of tress, plants and flowers. I love watching the colorful flowers and the green trees everywhere.

Beautiful Blue Ocean

Beautiful blue ocean is the house of thousand of sea creatures. Protect trees to protect them.

A seed’s journey

Trees provide homes and good to so many animals as well as keeping our planet healthy.