2021 Contest

Save the trees

Let’s join our hands to save the trees.


My drawing is a drawing of a tree fighting the climate change to keep the penguins and coral reefs safe.

Saving our flower

I love playing in the garden. I could see beautiful flowers the branches of the trees.

Save the Ocean

To save the ocean, use fewer plastic products, clean the beach, don’t throw trash

Save our trees

A platform for people to sleep in and know that they love trees

Which One?

Help save our planet!

My Village

I love my beautiful village.


Fossil fuels are hurting the earth. Glaciers and ice caps are melting, affecting animals, bleaching coral reefs, and ocean levels are rising.

Tree is important

I love coconut trees,we have a lot of coconut trees in our yard and those trees are very useful to us.

My happy place

Playing under the tree

The Choice is Ours

Trees are very important for us because they offer oxygen for all living things, they cool the local temperature and help to prevent global warming by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere through their photosynthesis.

The last snowman

My drawing depicts a snowman which is melting due to various human activities such as cutting of trees, building factories, etc. Which is resulting in the increase of global warming. The hands depict that the Earth which is in our hands is suffering due to our activities. The last snowman is fighting for its life,…  Read More

Save nature save penguins to keep the climate balanced

Every day people around the world cut down the trees and Pollution of the environment because of that houses of penguins glaziers are been destroyed. So we need to save trees and mother nature. Thank you.

Penguins caring for Mother Earth

This drawing shows that like penguins care for our Mother Earth, we should also care for it

The Big Boy

I like Big Gums


My picture shows of fun times I’ve had, great memories of times spent climbing and swinging and thinking I’m ontop of the world. Through any season, any time of year, trees play a big part in our lives – we love trees!!!

The wild one

My beautiful friend

The Lonely Tree by Jasmine Martin

This is a lonely tree, by Jasmine Martin. I love the colours of the leaves! I love the animals and birds in the trees, but am worried that trees will be lonely, and wildlife will become extinct if humans continue to destroy the climate and life on earth. Trees are the lungs of the planet.

cooling trees helps the world

My drawing displays a tree divided into two sections cooling and heating. In the cooler section, lots of oxygen is produced and in hotter section a lot of carbon dioxide is formed. i think my picture shows that trees cool the earth and helps to save lots of things.

Save the trees

I love spending my free time playing with my family and friends. While resting, we sat under the big tree, laughing and creating beautiful memories together.

In the deep blue sea

In the deep blue sea, there are many living sea creatures. Protect them for a better future.

Save the trees

Save the trees. It gives us oxygen. Every living creatures need to breathe clean air.

We need each other.

Trees provides us oxygen, stabilise the soil and give life to world’s wildlife. We need each other. Let’s protect mother earth for a better future.

Save Trees, Be their friends.

What I love most about trees is that they always make me happy when I see them. I love how squirrels and birds live in there and make the trees look so beautiful. In morning when I hear the birds sing from those trees it make me more energetic.